3rd Short Course on Gender Media and Conflict - 1-5 April 2009, Mbodiène (Senegal)

The main focus of the course is the role of Media in conflict prevention and conflict transformation, Media coverage of women in conflict and feminist media. It will also tackle how the media perpetuates patriarchal behaviors in different cultures and critical analysis and debates on Media and its role in and influence on concepts of Power and Gender will be fostered.

The Course will provide a dynamic and open space for academic and intellectual enrichment as well as for the exchange of practical knowledge and experience from the different environments of the participants. Concepts of gender-sensitive intervention methods will be organized around real-world application of theoretical debates. Special attention will be paid to contemporary case studies on Media and Conflict and the role of Media in peace processes.

The main objective of the project is to recruit 30 women and men working in the field of peace and Media, including Media and communications professionals (in civil society organisations, women's grassroots organisations, and other institutions), to reinforce their skills and allow them to refine their approach to issues of Media coverage during and after conflict.

The objectives of the project are the following:

- To clarify concepts, terms and definitions of Gender, Media and Conflict;
- To strengthen the capacity of participants in the areas of Media coverage before, during and after conflict with a focus on Gender;
- To empower Media professionals and people working in communication;
- To create a critical mass on gender issues among Media professionals.



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