Wanjiru Kihoro Fellowship Programme

The WANJIRU KIHORO FELLOWSHIP's broad goal is to contribute to the development of a new generation of African women leaders who are dedicated to utilising their voices and experience to futher women's central role in peace building and development work in their country, region and continent.

The Fellowship aims to attract applicants who have substantial experience in local community work and who wish to gain international experience to enrich and enhance their skills.

The WANJIRU KIHORO FELLOWSHIP would bridge this gap by providing the opportunity to work for a period of 9 months at FAS' International Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland before returning to put their skills into action through an additional 3 month placement with an NGO in Africa.

This opportunity will also provide her/him the possibility to gain insight into an NGO's activities at the international level and to acquire first-hand experience in international relations.

Having gained experience at FAS, it is the intention of this fellowship that the beneficiary would return home, to continue their work and to participate in building peace on their own continent.

The WANJIRU KIHORO FELLOWSHIP has been established posthumously in honour of a Swiss entrepreneur dedicated to philanthropic activities, especially in Africa, as an effort to bridge the gap between the North and the South. 

With the passing away in 2004 of the Swiss gentleman, his family wished to extend his legacy and continue his good works through the creation of this fellowship. At the request of the family, and in conjunction with a foundation, FAS has been asked to bestow the fellowship with a meaningful African name.

Dr. Kihoro In light of this, FAS has suggested that the fellowship be named in memory of Dr. WANJIRU KIHORO, distinguished economist, feminist, activist and tireless supporter of the gender equality, justice and democracy.
Dr KIHORO was a close partner and friend of FAS, working in solidarity for gender equality and women's advancement on the African continent.

In her lifetime, Dr. KIHORO held a number of prominent professional positions : she was the Executive Director of ABANTU for Development, a former OXFAM trustee (1994-2001), a member of the Debt Campaign Network, a member of the Nelson Mandela Reception Committee, and a founder member of Akina Mama wa Afrika among many other organisations and groups. She was also awarded the Hansib Award for Services to the black community.

In naming the fellowship in honour of Dr. KIHORO, FAS recognises her as a role model for future generations, and hopes to foster in the candidate a commitment to some of these same values and causes.

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