Functions & Affiliations

Along the years, FAS has gained in credibility and has been fulfilling an increasing number of functions and member positions.


- FAS is the Vice-President of the African Union Women's Committee (AUWC) located in the Addis Ababa and CONGO (500 NGOs) located in Geneva.

- FAS is the Co-chair of the Geneva Working Group on Peace (50 NGOs) along with WILPF.

- FAS has been designated as the Vice-chair for the preparation of the Colloquium on Women's Empowerment and Leadership to be held in 2009.

- FAS is the Coordinator of the "Gender is my agenda" pan-African campaign since its creation in 2005 gathering more than 40 organizations, and for the activities of civil society organizations (CSOs) dealing with gender issues during African Union Summits since 2006.



- FAS is a board member of the African Policy Institute and the Maurice de Madre French Fund.

- FAS is a member of the African Union ECOSOCC, NEPAD Gender Task Force, the AU Gender Directorate/UNDP Steering Committee of the Network on Gender, Peacebuilding and Governance, the African Women's Foresight Group, the 6th ICRC International Group of Advisers, and the CAUX Foundation, CONGO NGO-CSW, the NY Working Group on Women, Peace, and Security.

- FAS has the observer status with the African Commission for Human and People's Rights (ACHPR) since many years, as well as with IOM and OIF, and more recently the UN/AU Conference on the Great Lakes Region. 

- FAS has consultative status with the United Nations ECOSOC, and the Department of Public Information (DPI).