Activities on the 10th anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325

October is the month which hosts the 10th anniversary of the United Nation's landmark resolution on women peace and security 1325. This resolution inspires the main conceptual framework of this NGO and FAS is facilitating and collaborating with various efforts to commemorate the 10th anniversary.
UNSCR 1325 and Prevention Paper fev 2011


Ministerial level-Open Debate- UN Security Council

New York (EE.UU),  26th October 2010  Read More >>>

Peace Faire

New York (EE.UU), 25th-29th October 2010  

Global Open Day on Women Peace and Security

New York (EE.UU), 21st October 2010    Read More >>>

Arria Formula meeting - Lessons Learned on SCR 1325

New York (EE.UU), 19th October 2010   Read More >>>

Seventh African Development Forum (ADF-VII)

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), UNCC, 10th-15th October 2010   Read More >>>  

Roundtable on UNSCR 1325 during the launching AWD (2010-2012)

Nairobi (Kenya), 13th October 2010   Read More  >>>          

Launching of the African Women's Decade (2010-2012)

Nairobi (Kenya), 10th-15th October 2010  Read More >>>         

High Level Seminar "Resolution 1325 in 2020: Looking Forward, Looking Back"

     Durban (South Africa), 8th-9th October 2010    Read More >>>