PanAfrican Center for Gender, Peace and Development

Master en genre et consolidation de la paix

Atelier d'harmonisation du Master en genre et consolidation de la paix
Organisé par l'Université de la Paix, l'Université Cheikh Anta Diop et le Centre Panafricain pour le genre, la paix et le developpement avec le soutien de l'ACBF et la Banque Mondiale, 1 au 5 octobre 2012 à l'Hôtel Laguna Beach Mbodiène, Sénégal

Du 1er au 05 octobre 2012, s'est tenu à Mbodiène, l'atelier d'harmonisation des enseignements du Master Bilingue Genre et Consolidation de la Paix réunissant les Professeurs de UPEACE, de l'UCAD ainsi que les experts du PAC.

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Women Led Business

The "Training and Mentoring Program for Women-Led Business", has been developed by Femmes Africa Solidarité (FAS) together with the Center for Diversity in Global Management at the Instituto de Empresa (IE) and submitted to the Government of Spain to target and work with 24 women who have established business enterprises with strong growth potential.



African Gender Forum and Award

The African Gender Forum aims to bring together African women and women from other continents to share experiences and lessons on important current issues from a multi-dimensional perspective which integrates gender, economic, social, and political discussions.

The African Gender Award is given during a ceremony which is closing the Forum. It is a time of celebration to recognize and reward African Leaders or Government representatives, who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in gender mainstreaming and women's advancement.

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Leadership Bank

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