As far as I see, it might be a point of concern for some players. It may be removed using the item Amnesia Greens, and later re-added using the Magic Scroll item bought from Pet Shops in Timber or Esthar City. For more information about the best magic to Junction I recommend following the link provided. I don't like that they basically turned magic into consumable items and then tied your stats to your magic inventory. The first way to get spells is from enemies. Everything is useful when the time comes. Final Fantasy 8 was divisive among fans for many reasons, especially its unusual approach to character progression. Magic Junction Guide. If you need a complete junction system explanation (basics, GF, stats explanation, auto/manual junction system, status defense/attack), I can expand this guide. MAXIMUM STATS GAINING GUIDE for Final Fantasy VIII (Playstation) by Girl With Pigtail e-mail: Version 2 November 2006 Best viewed with Courier New font ===== TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. All Discussions ... junction magic to strength and your strength increases, but learning Str+20/60 and MAG+20/60 also helps. To equip magics, select Junction, then Magic. If the player selects Atk, there will be no visible change in their stats. T.Dog . … Unlike in its predecessors, in FF8 the characters don't learn magic and recover their mana points after using a spell. Additionally, as enemies go up in level, their drawable spells often change into better versions (Fire into Fira and then Firaga) or expand with entirely new spells added. Ultima is an attack magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. Dec 17, 2013 @ 10:05am Use Quatecotl to learn refine cards skillz and then other GF's refine magic skillz. Refine some cards into powerful magic that will give you a big ol boost to your stats. I don't think I've ever used the Magic command because I don't want my stats to go down. Battle and junction effects and refinement/drawing information for the Triple spell in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII, PlayStation Network, PS, PS1, PSX, PSN) The second is to refine items or weaker magic. These side quests are generally listed in the order that they can be completed during a regular playthrough. The magic system in Final Fantasy VIII is a little bit different. However, you should acquire 90% of your magic through refining items. I forget what I put on defense but it negates all the bad status effects of Bad Breath (That matter) and leaves the character in berserk mode to destroy it. There's no point in drawing 100 confuses for example - you're never going to use them and even if you did, you can refine them easily, and (the worst part) they don't junction well to any stat. From there, select the stat you would like to equip with magics, then choose from all the magics you have stocked up. FINAL FANTASY VIII. FINAL FANTASY VIII. These are the best to junction and yes having 100 will help out your stats more than having 17. It is the most powerful non-elemental spell in the game, damaging all enemies, but is only obtained during the final battle; though Apocalypse has junction stats, the part where it is obtained is past menu access, and thus it is impossible to junction Apocalypse to stats in a normal playthrough. Final Fantasy VIII’s limit break system is different from many of the traditional games with a few exploits that can trigger the powerful attacks well before they should be used. Embar. This is especially helpful after you get the Brothers GF, you'll get their card as a reward and if you card mod it turns into quake (can't remember how many). SeeD Candidate. The spell reduces an enemy's Vitality and Spirit to 0, effectively removing their defense to both physical and magical attacks, and making them much more vulnerable. 4 posts Getting rare magic Getting rare magic. Limits and items at late game. 19. Alle Diskusjoner ... if you junction good magic spells very well, this won't really matter a whole lot as you will be prepared for the onslaught, so grind at your own risk. Non-elemental damage + make enemy Vit 0.Description Meltdown is an indirect magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. To help, here are some helpful general game tips as well as some tricks for veteran players seeking to do a perfect run. Wedge Draw List (Lv1-19): Fire, Shell, Protect, Reflect Wedge Draw List (Lv20-22): Fira, Shell, Protect, Reflect. If you don't think there isn't any strategy then you are using the system wrong. Biggs Draw List (Lv1-19): Cure, Haste, Slow, Regen Biggs Draw List (Lv20-22): Cura, Haste, Slow, Regen. Battle and junction effects and refinement/drawing information for the Holy spell in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII, PlayStation Network, PS, PS1, PSX, PSN) Easy, right? All Discussions ... where levelling up gives you advantages, in 8 levelling up makes your enemies also level up. Detractors often claim two major gripes with the game: the complicated Junction system and the story’s focus on a teenage romance. 19. GF/habilities when facing special enemies. In fact, I don't recall using any commands besides Attack, GF, or limit breaks. Magic is a junction ability every Guardian Force has already mastered in Final Fantasy VIII. Embar. Last edited by Tweak; Mar … However, if they select Mag, there is a larger change in two stats. SeeD Rank Guide. By rapidly opening and closing the battle menu, there is a chance that a limit break will make itself available and lead to some devastating damage to the benefit of the party. Source(s): hours of repeatedly playing FF8 0 0 #5. Post Mar 26, 2005 #1 2005-03-26T15:06. However, it’s often more effective to junction your most powerful spells than to use them in combat. You also want to junction the best magic for each stat type, as different magic have higher affinity for a given stat or parameter. The game’s key mechanic when it comes to powering up your characters — the Junction system — revolves around the acquisition and growth of Guardian Forces, aka GFs, which allow our protagonists to use and junction magic. Junction Magic. 2. A list of the side quests that can be completed in Final Fantasy VIII. To this day, Final Fantasy VIII remains one of the least popular Final Fantasy titles in mainstream gaming culture — despite its great performance on the market both in its original release and the remaster. The magic system is definitely one of the weirdest in the series, right next to Final Fantasy II.Instead of MP, spells cast use Draws. Magic sice the beginning, Commands later. The junction system is awesome. Final Fantasy VIII > FF8 Strategy > Members Strategies For FF8 > Getting rare magic. The first is to Draw it from enemies or Draw Points. Think of GFs as vehicles for character augmentation, and spells as the specific augments. Share. The best way to junction magic without minding all the details is to use auto. It’s a Quistis Lesson Time. I think it worth posting. If you’re playing Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, you’ll probably want to track down all the summons. edited 3 years ago. Just remeber to take into account the para-magic each character has in stock, your junction abilities and each character's natural stats. There is a way to kill Malboros with ease with Elemental Defense, and Elemental Attack Blizzaga. Under "Range", a "1" indicates the magic affects only one ally or enemy, and an "A" means the magic affects all allies or enemies. We’re here to help with this Final Fantasy 8 GF guide.. It also provides the highest boost to all stats when junctioned , with the exception of Speed or Hit (which Triple provides the highest boost for), making it the most valuable spell to junction. FFVIII’s Junction system seems complex at first, but really all you need to know is that equipping GFs (or summons) to your characters allows you to junction magic … I don’t know about you, but for me, outside of when I speak about this game, I never use the term “junction”, so for starters, just think of the term as “Equip” for spells, summons, and abilities. This guide shows you the growth rate of attributes by using proper magic in junction system (+ contains a map with hidden draw points and some basic information about Magic Junction System). Just getting the best magic and junctioning it optimally doesn't make this game into a cake walk (nevermind the fact that without a walkthrough you'll be hard pressed to figure out where to get magic and where to get some GFs, etc.). During the Tiamat boss fight in the final dungeon, Junction Fire magic to Elemental Defense and you will completely absorb its best and only attack. Share with: Link: Copy link. It is a non-elemental spell that damages all enemies and deals the second-highest amount of damage from a single spell, below only Apocalypse . Magic as death or stop helps you more for def junctions when you face leveled up monsters which casts magic on you. If they select Def, the is a small change in one stat. For example, in my Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough I have the player obtain and junction Esuna and Cure before entering the Fire Cavern. As a result, FF8 has the least interesting battle system to me. Apocalypse is an attack magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. Junction, as defined by Professor RPG in terms of Final Fantasy VIII: Equipping Guardian Forces (summons) and magic spells to a character to increase stats. Now we finally have the opportunity to explore this entire prison. FINAL FANTASY VIII. Instead, you have to "Draw" all spells separately with the Draw command (which a GF has to learn and you will have to junction it to your character to use it). The entries are arranged according to category. The amount of magic gained by junctioning 100 of this spell (junctioning less of this spell will result in a proportionately smaller bonus); numbers shown in green indicate that these are among the best values for this spell as determined by the relative rank of all stats, … Final Fantasy VIII Remastered may be an upgrade to a nostalgic classic, but its unique junction system is not the easiest to learn given the poor in-game tutorials. It can also be be junctioned to boost stats, and provides the third-greatest boost to Vitality. There are two ways to get it. On top of that, to really take advantage of this, you can learn refining abilities that let you refine high level magic from items or lower level spells. Below is a complete list of all the available magic spells in the game, and their effects. Magic.

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