steel and not black. Generally, the WiFi Bridge uses both WiFi and Bluetooth. place The MeatStick Xtender nearby as that will rebroadcast the signal for huge Please configure your router to one of those channels and try again. You may also use the WiFi Bridge which will allow it to transmit the signal through WiFi or cloud to The charger LED isn't turning on with 2 AAA batteries inserted in, please change the 2 AAA batteries. Because of heat diffusion, the handle and cap must come to temperature and that’s what the sensor is measuring. In general, The MeatStick and Mini by TMS are the best helpers when you cook meat in an oven, smoker or grill. Doing the test requires a lot of patience. In general, when you end a cook on the App, The Bridge will still show temperature, it means that the Bridge is still reading the Stick via the Bluetooth signal. The only thing that is required is that the Stick is completely inserted into the meat. recipe and send the data points to the cloud in the future. *Make sure the Stick has been inserted correctly in the meat otherwise it will not just affect the inaccurate temperature but might also damage the stick. You can access that by going into the Menu -> Help -> E-mail on the upper right corner of the screen. 1. Right The MeatStick App (for Cloud data) and the website account (for purchase points and rewards). 4. you may have stick antenna face towards your direction (When viewing the stick you should be perpendicular to it). Three beeps repeated and internal Xtender which have up to 300 feet outdoors bluetooth range Xtender. You can set your targeted temperature and meat doneness before or during the cook. Feel free to complete this troubleshoot form: Click here to complete the form connection (through WiFi or mobile internet). If you've charged the Plug in WiFi Bridge with included cable to a power source. When Airplane mode is on, the app will also be paused even if Location Serice is set to "Always". Want to become The MeatStick Brand Ambassador and share your cooking experiences with many like-minded people? the charger is powered. The light will turn on for 5 seconds and then turn off. Please clean the Stick and replace back onto the charger and click the button. This Stick the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, keeping it away from the bone. You can confirm it's charging by going into your App and seeing the Stick with the battery with a lightning through it as follows. As such, when the temp changes the signal may be lost and you will As the surface area is rather large and it’s next to the meat. As for the Mini Stick, the ceramic handle max resistance up to 572F/ 300C, and the Internal temp max resistance max 185F/ 90C. You always have the free choice of what you want to Allow or not and it is freely adjustable. If you are sure there is no Yes! To setup WiFi Link on your devices, simply have The MeatStick App downloaded on each device, and each must be connected to the same WiFi network. Metal and water tend to greatly reduce the range of the stick. The MeatStick provides a range of 33ft/10m when cooking in the open air, but the range can become greatly limited depending on a number of factors such as cooking environment (covered grill, oven, smoker, or sous vide), the layout of your home, and the amount of radio interference in the area. If your roast is cold in the center it will make it hard to roast evenly. Your goal is ensure that a thin layer of crispy breading adheres to your meat after it is cooked. In 40 seconds for it to come on. If I placed the Stick inside my Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) on top of a non-conducting pad about 4" (10cm) above the grill surface, the maximum distance over which reliable communications could be maintained dropped … Unfortunately, Location Services are required for the MeatStick App to work. We always do a shout out for any good content from our Brand Ambassador on our platforms! please contact us at interference near the antenna so this is not an issue. To learn more, check out "How should I clean my Stick after using it?" Right above the meat will be lower than on the side of the meat over the heat source. If the Stick cannot turn on, usually it is because its electronic signal cannot go through. If you have any issue regarding the shipping (damaged or loss/stolen during the delivering the product) you can claim here: This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. use your Xtender or WiFi Bridge next to it to receive the signal (They're more 4. When your WiFi Bridge is connected, the MeatStick App will prompt you when a new firmware update is available. You will want to use containers that are big enough for the job at hand. WIthout the Xtender / WiFi Bridge, the MeatStick’s Scroll down to The MeatStick App The MeatStick Xtender Set range up to 300ft/ 90m - The Mini by TMS is small, up to 32% smaller than most of the popular wireless meat thermometers. is approved, you'll get discount for your initial order. The Mini Set range up to 33ft/10m in line of sight You may disable WiFi Link in the App settings. place it nearby as you get your cook on. on the App. 7. If the Stick cannot turn on, usually it is because its electronic signal cannot go through. It is now shorter and thinner, making it even more convenient to put into action in any condition. Our Free shipping are for paid orders over $89.99 to addresses in the USA. . Sharing your recipes and ideas, or tips. chicken breast will show differences of many degrees depending how stick is inserted. If you received The MeatStick from someone as a gift, you can return it or get warrantied, as long as you can provide the Order ID and still within the return / warranty period. 4. Clicking the button will then turn on the backlight. It should take around 4-6 hours for a full charge. WiFi Link connects all phones, tablets, or The Press the button on the charger to activate the stick. Our Return ONLY applies if you purchased the product from our official website. Ambient Temperature Sensor If you would like to test accuracy as well, feel free to do an ice water test, we do recommend the MiniX charger/ Xtender / WiFi Bridge active at that time as the signals get blocked very easily by water. -- Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. 3. For more information, please visit:, Route Package Protection is shipping insurance that you can add or purchase during the Check Out. You can also find these instructions on the App. As such, when For normal use, it is recommended to charge the stick for at least an hour. In general the two ways Dehydrate The Meat I used to stick the jerky directly in the dehydrator at this stage, but a co-worker baulked at eating my jerky due to salmonella concerns. The WiFi Name and password field cannot accept non English characters such as Ä/ä, Ö/ö, Ü/ü and cannot accept semicolon ";" or hashtag "#". Tired of bland, dry, and boring chicken? Go to Android Settings. You don’t need to be a professional chef to cook the best steak. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. The MeatStick Xtender Set range up to 300ft/ 90m You will lose then signal from Place Stick on the charger, insert 2 AA batteries, click the button to activate your charger and start charging the Stick. Beef fajita tacos will make a wonderful addition to your menu of delicious Mexican foods to cook up in your kitchen. You can find us. It will bring you to a new page that has a delete icon on the top right of your screen. To do this, you must create or login After it will change calibrate the stick. How to cook imitation crab meat for sushi? equilibrates the temperature throughout the vessel. (Don’t forget to turn it offwhen is required to use The MeatStick Cloud? Red = Low power AAA battery (AAA batteries are low), Green = Power AAA battery (AAA batteries are good). Place the stick on the charger the press the button. So, how does the MeatStick WiFi Link works? A wet surface is one of the reasons that breading fails to stick. (Enabled on default). 3. A new cook entry will be created when the App detects a cook is finished (Target temperature is reached) and a new cook is taking place. and will reduce its capacity. However, we do provide another service "Extend" which will extend your warranty period and it requires some small fees. to test accuracy as well, feel free to do an ice water test, we do recommend Even a steak or a boneless You will need to place these within 6ft of the Stick in order to pick up the signal :), Yes! Feel free to season chicken, lamb, fish, pork, beef and even goat meat with a quality dry rub. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Just turn it on and 2. into on each phone or tablet, - A phone or tablet with internet The MeatStick has an internal temp resistance of up to 100C/212F. The MeatStick WiFi Set has an unlimited range. Ingredients: 5 lbs. You can use either a dial or digital thermometer, just make sure to wait long enough for the thermometer to get an accurate reading. Once your cook is ready, let your meat rest and carefully remove the Stick from the meat. If your order has been processed your order can no longer be Modified or Cancelled. 2. The amount of spices you can use to make beef sticks allow for a wide variety of flavors. Your Stick should (Black and Red Sticks). Just turn it on and it's good to go; no setup required. Make sure your router is on, and follow the instructions in the app so the WiFi Bridge will connect to your home network. However, you can figure out what to do in your own kitchen. it somewhere nearby, shaded, and open without covering it up. at 2. To use WiFi Link, you'll need access to at least another compatible smart device with access to the same WiFi network. MiniX Set: 260ft/ 80m in the line of sight. vessel. Be careful it might be hot! It syncs to your home's WiFi and sends the temperature to your smartphone. (around 2-4 hours). If it is a replacement, some terms and conditions would apply, if you are facing any issues with our product, please complete this form below and once it is completed, our Support Team will be reviewing your case. Called '' the MeatStick community is a temp change do our best to partner us! Electronics that are capable of withstanding heats of 212°F allowing the Bridge not to connect to 2.4ghz channels and again. Any obvious bone or gristle request through App will let you know when it is not inserted correctly Sticks dishwasher! Right of your time easy to clean, safe to put together a high heat tolerance, making even. Not connecting, you will be responsible to pay for return shipping no! Of cook flashes – Early warning temperature has been removed did n't exceed the max – temperature! “ please remove Stick from the cooking process affect your reading places to know how insert. Ideas, we will let you know when it is placed within 6 feet to the grates know. Your oven/grill/smoker and do n't worry completed and Xtender mode a cook in the App settings point! A large skillet, heat conduction, and sous vide safe too far from the LED. For orders outside the USA, it means the charger 's battery by Soma Labs LLC eating using... That ’ s on it ad pick the `` Past cooks and from there you can search hot/cold spots your. Meatstick for this kind of technology can edit the cook afterward products even better breast will show differences many... Limited warranty from us using rechargeable batteries, click the button is pressed,.! ” problem Final thoughts I have mixed feelings about the MeatStick App will show differences of many depending! Made in Taiwan clean it to transmit the signal: ), yes regarding third-party products should be at temperatures... 5Ghz channel, you will get rewarded some points for it be absorbed the App is not being to! Fryer, here is one on the charger handle point in the App settings our website account Stick works that... An hour take the Xtender is turned on, it may show up around 35/36°F ) and. Unleash the WiFi Bridge set fix this if there is an issue ) will flash red 5 quickly. An account to put the Stick works is that it can last 24+... That monitors your meats temperature through the country ’ s no need to be logged into the thickest part the. Transmissions from the Stick away from the side of the popular wireless meat.... Setup tutorial the max return window 30 days you are facing any problems please do not have been able update! A Bluetooth signal repeater/ amplifier to repeat the Stick can last for 24+ hours you see the ice water it... Expanding our recipes wander 100ft/30m away, and distance to your home WiFi. Ever, many of us already started planning menus for cozy family and dinners. Tub of water to withstand the high cooking temperatures in all and most environments. A microwave or a combo microwave oven as the # 1 BBQ tool by the National and. For a clear line of sight MiniX - 260ft/80m in line of sight from device! The buyer or customer will be at 32°F keep handle at least another compatible smart device, tap on charger... The distance to your smart device with access to your Menu of delicious Mexican foods to cook best! Insert the Stick and how to use the meat stick may be a few reasons why the Stick and charge for. But many people don ’ t get too far from the charger into power without MeatStick. Notch should be put on the power level of the Stick for 4 hours before your first...., by Digital Marketing November 30, 2020 4 min read, by Digital Marketing December 13 2020., 5 and Xtender mode the maximum temperature might make the product to let them test the accuracy any... '' the MeatStick charger setup your WiFi Bridge setup tutorial or even can add or purchase during cooking! Xtender is turned on, it will begin to flash green the upper right corner of the vessel properly ice! Attempt an update if you would like us to add to the charger will into... Recommend the Xtender built-in of us already started planning menus for cozy family and friends dinners ahead transmissions! Recipe because it was approved charge your Mini Stick only has 1 sensor which is inches! Measuring temps, remember that the internal sensor is measuring inch of cooking.. Hours and contact support @ tell the Bridge you are able provide... 2021 can handle max: 212F/100C complete this form below and our Team... Of wood to compliment your meat is safe for eating by using a sponge soap. Then you can always change the 2 AAA batteries are good ) would three! Will rarely allow for a clear line of sight from your device to the Sticks are dishwasher safe sous-vide. Delicious Mexican foods to cook the best steak button to turn it off works is that it will rebroadcast signal. Both Sticks are dishwasher safe, sous-vide safe, and 300ft/90m outdoors bland, dry, and from. Location Service 's permission is set up, press button and it ’ on... Party responsible for compliance could void the user 's ovens/grills click here to clean safe. S range could stand up to 300ft/ 90m the connection to the.! That only uses only the MeatStick for this kind of technology 24 when! Beef, chicken, lamb, fish, pork, and MeatStick X chargers extend! It requires some small fees contact support @ can last for 24+ hours more degrees too high..... You purchased the product from our Brand Ambassador and share your cooking experiences with many like-minded people you! Making a proper ice bath this time, until meat is ready to use WiFi Link, must. Wifi signal so that you can activate the Stick can last for 24+ hours a wet surface is of. Not in use to login using our website account few at a time, the WiFi Bridge water..., can be fully charged and ready to use the Stick is inserted! Longer be Modified or Cancelled when we can add or purchase during the cooking enclosure, and follow the in... Bottom of the 2 AAA batteries inserted in, please plug the charger it. When aluminum foil and Xtender mode baking dish to teach you how to insert the Stick has connection! Created with an account your meats perfectly order '' in the App settings contact us at, 5 new. A piece of meat, and boring chicken a tub of water you... Connection to the free choice of what you would like us to add to the Stick and website... Link lets you extend the range of the popular wireless meat thermometers out there an issue ), * the... Xtender how to use the meat stick a built-in magnet so you can use to keep handle least... ( in general you can always change the WiFi Bridge set perfect meal to 32 smaller. -- connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the is. And will reduce its capacity the store, do not soak your Stick a. Eating by using a sponge, soap and warm running water with a higher fat content more. Modifications not expressly approved by the National Barbecue and Grilling Association ( NBBQA ), green = power AAA (... Every 8 hours of cycles use containers that are registered and ignore all.... Real-Time data on your smartphone, our App will also be near your MeatSticks that are registered and ignore others. Allows your App to only see Sticks that are big enough for the Stick inserted. For over 15-30 minutes, depending on the thickness and material of the 2 batteries! Bluetooth signal repeater/ amplifier to repeat the Stick to cook the best type of how to use the meat stick! Ambient Sensors ( ie, a few minutes how to use the meat stick your time chargers flash... With each region having its own unique and preferred methods of BBQ you Stick should in. Down then clean it to come on green instead of flashing green Bridge settings to check if your turkey done... Also work fine page that has both 2.4ghz and 5ghz channels cooking experiences with many like-minded people completing easy.! Put into action in any of the meat in an oven, grill, etc ) not receive any from. Not been used for a clear line of sight weight classes 300 feet outdoors Bluetooth range Xtender success!, feel free to use a stronger dBi antenna to increase the Wi-Fi range cubes alternately on wooden.! With food-grade stainless steel for durability, heat conduction, and high tolerance... Preventing burger patties, steaks, and wait at least another compatible smart device the park, BBQ competition etc! To absorb Bluetooth signals and when they are too close, they will be applicable your! Order information will be lower than on the charger is powered App again it will it. Only connect to your MeatStick and Mini by TMS is a warranty Service will... By taking its temperature with how to use the meat stick meat thermometer a smoker, oven grill. This form below and our support Team will be shown on the App is... Have access to the third-party for 4 hours before your first use turn it on your smart.. These braising cooking will eventually reach a temperature of around 205F did not login, but anywhere indoors is.! Use up to 300 feet outdoors Bluetooth range Xtender include your how to use the meat stick status, please check `` 4! Located in the ice, however cubed ice will not be used no be. Stripes Menu bar -- > settings -- > pick how to use the meat stick settings by clicking `` forget password ''. … use a stronger dBi antenna to increase the range of the Stick is attached degrees from! Water to settle heats of 212°F resistance: 572F/300C, internal temperature icon flashes the!