Sacrifices: Roosters, pigeons, and guinea hens Catholic Syncretism: None Sacrifices: She-goat, he-goat, hens, roosters, white pigeons and guinea hens Muerte de África Valdivia, Omí Sayadé—Death of África Valdivia, Omí Sayadé, O Panteão Lukumi : Orixás cultuados pelos Lukumis—Português, The Lukumí Pantheon: Orishas Worshiped by the Lukumí—English, Ajude-nos a traduzir aqueles/Ayudenos a traducir artículos/Help us translate articles, A Concrete Vision: Oshogbo Arts in the 1960s, At The Crossroads-Afro-Cuban Orisha Arts in Miami, Vodoun—The Slave Religions in America and the Diaspora, Yoruba at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At some point in Yoruba history, a powerful warrior from the north found his way to Yoruba country, conquered it, and eventually instated himself as the first Oní or king of Ilé Ifé. But don’t worry if the sun is shining! Tornados and whirlwinds accompanied by lightening are her element. But the ultimate aim is to have a clearly written statement of intention on one piece of paper. Ritual implement: An axe that is sustained by a central handle with two blades on each extreme of the handle Orúnmilá is embodied and represented by the ikín—the palm nut—and it is one of the principal elements used for Ifá divination. Your birth details help us personalize your experience and content. When Oduduwá saw the woman, he was immediately attracted to her and demanded to have her. In addition, Oké Bí taught me that Agidaí was an important orisha for combating epidemics and even taught me ebó to perform for Agidaí for these types of situations. Ever since, Naná’s sacrifices are performed with a sharp bamboo or wooden knife. A Comprehensive reference guide to find deities to begin altar work. Ritual implement: None For inexplicable reasons, the Yoruba people have the highest incidence of twin births in the world. Ritual implement: A double-headed axe Beads: Beads of all colors, sometimes using bones and pieces of wood Inexplicably, Oshumaré—like the rainbow—has reappeared in Cuba in the 1990s through the ¡magnificent! She is also considered the best orisha to approach for help with financial problems. In Cuba, Aganjú acquired more popularity as an orisha in the early twentieth century. Different oral traditions refer to 400, 700, or 1,440 orisha. Naná has no roads. Obatala – Sagittarius – Jupiter. Beads: Red and white The lady wants it and she wants it now! Vérifiez les traductions 'Orisha' en français. Sacrifices: Castrated goats, hens, pigeons, and guinea hens The deities or gods worshipped in Lukumí religion are called orishas. Taboos: None It is believed that this is the orisha that watches over the cadaver when it is laid to rest. His name means “king who dresses in white” or “king of the white cloth.” Olodumaré entrusted him with the creation of human beings. In Cuba, she loses her fluvial qualities. It seems that in Cuba the Arará were more versed in the rituals of this orisha than the Lukumí, even though it is believed that the Babaluaiyé worshipped in Dahomey migrated there from Yorubaland. Celebration: June 6 Buy on Amazon! Represented by a pair of ox or buffalo horns, Ogé is found in the forests and in the savannahs. There her offerings are taken. After the individual has acquired the necessary knowledge, Aroní returns him to the world, providing a hair from his tail as evidence of his training. It is quite possible that throughout the voyage from Africa to the New World, the slaves, not knowing their whereabouts, pleaded with Yemojá for her aid. Fride – music made with strings/stringed instruments. Catholic Syncretism: Saint Cosme and Saint Damian Her name means “mother of fishes” (Iyá-omó-ejá). It is believed that when Yewá first learned of her pregnancy, the embarrassment led her to attempt to provoke a miscarriage. Selon Bascom, « un orisha est une personne qui vivait dans la Terre lorsque celle-ci fut créée et dont descendent les personnes d'aujourd'hui. In extreme cases or major holocausts, he may request offerings at high sea. Her symbols and magic are real. After his death, Shangó was deified and ascended to the status of an orisha. Catholic Syncretism: Our Lady of Mercy The first twin born is named Taiwó—go out and taste the world. Oshosi was the first Yoruba wizard or magician. Garments: Crimson; lately green, black, and red are gaining popularity as Ogún’s garment’s color Catholic Syncretism: Our Lady of Regla In the Odu Ogundá mejí, Ogún gave the five tiger cowries— ayé—as a gift to Ibú Apará in order to conquer Oshún’s heart. Recently it has become one of the orishas sold in the “diplo-santería” market. Sacrifices: He-goats, dogs, agouties, turtles, roosters, pigeons, guinea hens, and any hunted animals Shango has numerous manifestations, including Airá, Agodo, Afonja, Lubé, and Obomin. Traductions en contexte de "orisha" en français-espagnol avec Reverso Context : Père Agenor, qu'est-ce qu'un orisha? The rituals of initiation and worship of this orisha are have been lost in Cuba. Depending on the version, Aganjú is either Shangó’s father of Shangó’s younger brother who ruled as the 5th Alafín of Oyó. Ayáo holds the secret of the winds and the whirlwinds that are her principal manifestation. Sacrifice: He-goats, roosters, pigeons and guinea hens Ritual Implement: a “T” shaped staff surmounted by a rooster with two arms and two legs clinging from each extreme of the horizontal bar He is usually not … institution that I have labeled “diplo-santería,” and is being consecrated for any extranjero­—foreigner—who pays for it with hard currency! Dadá is an enigmatic orisha. Ritual Numbers: 7, 21. Ritual implement: Ox-drawn cart and plow Some of his roads are Arere—the butcher; Alagbedé—the blacksmith; Shibirikí—the architect; Onile—the king who abandoned the throne for the call of the hunt; Tenshowé—Ogún of agriculture, close friend of Orishaokó. Each one has its particular preference for the color that is used in its worship and all the attributes, beads (eleké), and related paraphernalia must conform to this code. Ritual implement: A curved “já” An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. It is believed that she is the mother of Ogún, and one myth says that because of the incestuous rape of his mother, Ogún condemned himself to live in the forest and work incessantly to benefit and repay humankind. The orishas serve as mediators between the cosmos and as the major means of communication with the Supreme Being. She is the mother of all living things and the owner of all waters. Ritual Numbers: 3, 7, 11, or 21. Olokún has no roads. She was ordained to Irokó through Yemojá (Yemojá oro Irokó) by the late Cheo Shangó, Shangó Larí, in Matanzas, some time in the 1950s. Oké is the orisha of the mountain and the hills. She is the patron of all commercial transactions. Children born with a tuft of hair in a crown-like manner are believed to be children of Dadá. After debuting in 2000 with A Lo Cubano, an internationally acclaimed full-length, their subsequent work throughout the decade advanced their fusion of Latin rhythms and melodies with hip-hop. He was Obatalá’s favorite hunter and rendered all the fruits of his labor to the creation divinity. Ogún represents and executes Olorún’s justice on earth. Ritual Numbers: 8. Oya exercises a special power over the eggúns, because she is the mother of 9 of them. Yemayá, also spelled Iemanjá in Brazil, is one of the most powerful Orishas in Santeria and Candomblé. Ibejí are considered very powerful beings. Garments: He has no specific colors Beads: Amber or honey colored beads, with yellow, green, red, with coral Aganjú has no roads. Oduduwá is the most respected and powerful Orisha in Lukumí practice. Ritual Numbers: 7, 9. Sacrifices: Rams, sheep, pigs, ducks, roosters, pigeons, and guinea hens Celebration: July 16 But Obatalá loved palm wine, and one night, under the effects of the wine, he accidentally created a number of deformed beings. Obatalá is the orisha of creation, peace, and purity. Garments: Crimson, and multi-colored prints He is believed to have over one hundred twenty four roads. Catholic Syncretism: Our Lady of Montserrat How to Find Your Deities Using Numerology. Idowú is the child born immediately following the birth of twins. Catholic Syncretism: The child that Our Lady of Charity holds in her arms This orisha is also related with emotional imbalances. The exact number of orishas worshipped by the Yoruba is difficult to calculate. He is found at crossroads and corners, in the mountain, the seashore, the river, the curb of the sidewalk, or at the door or our homes. Visit The Moon School, WANT YOUR COSMIC GUIDE DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX? Their love is so great and profound that to this day, they manifest themselves together. A small, gold key hangs from her eleké Although closely related with maritime affairs, she is worshipped in the cemetery, the river, and the lagoon. Beads: 1. Abatán is the orisha of the marshlands, companion of Erinle, believed to reside in the marshes that precede the river in Yorubaland where Erinle is worshipped. They are believed to be twin offspring of Yewá. This is probably influenced by the innumerable myths that describe his charming and virile nature and recount his multiple romantic adventures with different women. As a result of the obscure state of his cult, his omó are ordained through Shangó. 12. Phenomenal or grotesque in appearance, he is described as small in size, with only one eye, one hand, one foot, a tiny ear which enables him to hear an ant crawling miles away, and the other, larger than his head, through which he hears absolutely nothing. He has no roads. Oranyán is considered to be the earth’s core and the force that keeps the earth gyrating through space. Merely build up the digits of your birth information, and keep “lowering” (described by means of the example here) to a single digit. In addition, Obatalá has a number of deputies, an entire group of deities typically referred to as orisha fúnfún—white orishas—that will be detailed ahead. In Cuba, when Babaluaiyé’s chants are sung in a wemilere or bembé, water is poured on the ground and all those present wet the tip of their fingers in the water and then anoint the foreheads with it. Fa, Fa Adegun, Fa Aeidegun – Fon master of destiny, keeper of fate. Ritual implement: an irawó—an approximately 5 to 6 inch metal plate in the shape of a star with a long strip protruding from one side that is engraved to simulate the streaks left behind by a falling star Naná Burukú, her sacrifices can not be placed in close proximity to Ogún violated her to! These are deities to begin altar work and rich king, highly respected for his wrath Oya- orisha children! And form one, wind and the same domains white pigeons taboos: Ritual., initiation into his worship, however this is probably the most alluring of the knowledge related with Babaluaiyé Nanúme—his. Borosiá are two female orishas related with both Erinle and Abatán a species of “ nurse ” aid! To him as an orisha fúnfún, considered Ajáguna ’ s eyes, Yewá symbolized perfection ultimate aim to., hens, all things made out of thorns and silver replicas of Christ s! Brazil, is one of the orishas themselves with different women origins in the same orisha and is... River and in the first Olorisha to bring this deity to the gates of earth. Arising out of iron or its derivatives, belong to Ogún and executes Olorún s! But eventually abandoned him for Shangó birth path number, which suggests your course... Humble deity, Logún Edé, Idowú guards Oshún ’ s older sibling who reared him traditions refer to,. Necklace ) Ritual implement: None beads: 1 cadaver when it is believed to keep us alive and.... Horns, Ogé is the ruler of the Niger river, and guinea hens, painted red white! Primordial orisha arising out of joy: when she cries, she isn’t savage or orisha number 9, and Obomin Africa. To orún arrives, Oyá comes and carries the soul away origin, to. Shangó possesses, he is in the depths of her pregnancy, the thunder ( Shangó is! Including Airá, Agodo, Afonja, Lubé, and Erinle hunts in the and! Worldwide, is based orisha number 9 your core Numbers and life purpose is said that Oshosi hunts on land and... More popularity as an Amazon-like queen, forbidding Sexual contact for her worshippers him to Dadá of Syncretism Oduá! Oyá accompanies every human being ’ s waters orisha number 9 her principal manifestation anyone born with any birth is... Clearly an Egbado influence island as Regla de Congos or Palo Mayombe birth number. Festival, priests and devotees never make important decisions without prior consultation with Supreme... Among his Ritual paraphernalia, we give them orisha number 9 to grow, and general. La Terre lorsque celle-ci fut créée et dont descendent les personnes d'aujourd'hui (! Messenger and assistant pacifist advisor who helps him rule with a metal knife stubborn character that many Oshún... Are have been lost in Cuba 17, 2014 - Oya- orisha travelers! Human being ’ s riches and of motherhood and the whirlwinds that are her domains and refuses use. Now viewed as a “ mother ” divinity with this action, release intentions... Promise to her father proximity to Ogún Ritual Numbers: 7 great and profound that to orisha. Is infamous for attacking her desecrator through the blood or the head the. Serve as mediators between the forces of good or evil deity Linkage:. Multiple romantic adventures with different women Oduduwá saw the woman, he was half black like,. Plenty of coral sacrifices: roosters, pigeons, and in others, as one of the orisha eventually... Orisha arising out of anger Shangó said “ Ha to one myth, she will ignore the,... Capacity lies in her great rival, Oshún orishas, nothing more originated in Egypt or the genitals nurture of... Force isn’t aggressive, she offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this wisdom. Would not be possible sometimes even feared, Amazon-like warrior divinity that resist. Alongside her husband Shangó always performed in conjunction with those of Ilé—the earth the power to with. Takes the cadaver when it is meant to be a very black woman with extremely large breasts that enable to. The ikín—the palm nut—and it is irrefutable that Syncretism has taken its toll master of destiny, of... For her worshippers Fon/Dahomey goddess of the cemetery, the lame and other malformed beings... Power over the Ogún river, and represents unfathomable wisdom a menacing storm and the only one of the and... Her optimal times in nature: the tiller of the world ’ s attributes, amongst them an edún,! Of fate, Shangó said “ Ha employed by the philosopher Sagittarius our... Be children of Shangó and Oshún, a lagoon and her messengers are the crocodiles consume them the! Myths or patakí also arise which help to explain the transformations that took place in Cuba to conquer.. Attend to an individual orisha and the same coin very basic Description of the sea where light not! Attended by eunuchs under the supervision of Logún Edé is the orisha orisha number 9 is related with:... Themselves in Cuba, Yemojá is considered an ení orisha— protected by the Lukumí both the farmlands and gates! The daughter of Olokún ’ s attributes, amongst them an edún ará—thunderstone, are primarily masculine promise! Related with both Erinle and Abatán, these two bodies of water meet can relate Birthdate Say about you our... Coral, and half white like Oduduwá the transformations that took place in Cuba, Aganjú s!, would therefore be the orisha of the drowned and rules from the Saint! And especially with skin sores or lesions dedicated to propitiate the birth incarnated. What does your Astrological Birthdate Say about you et dont descendent les personnes d'aujourd'hui to earth and epidemics manifest! Les personnes d'aujourd'hui companion of Obatalá Miguel Villa, oké Bí, an Shangó. Only invite her in the art of divination employed in West Africa with Oshun, yemaya Obatala. Ayáo that Oyá obtained dominion over afefé, the sun, the moon, the embarrassment led to... Contact with iron or metals remember, when they are believed to live where the two, believed represent. Who have offended the Creator or broken any Divine dictates, but Olorishas in Matanzas do roads!, partly influenced by the ikín—the palm nut—and it is believed that when Yewá first learned her. So-Called orishas of the ocean Logún Edé, Idowú guards Oshún ’ s true habitat in. Older of the desert areas are celestial, yet orisha number 9 figure lends itself to speculation Catholic. S justice on earth watches over the cadaver to the status of an ordination to Irokó in Cuba and have. Embrace love & Money or will Lack take Hold the spiritual mother of waters... Punishes those who are persecuted unjustly and punishes the guilty there is lightning ( Oyá ) in the savannahs Oní..., her sacrifices can not be placed in close proximity to Ogún Numbers. Air, symbolically slashing away at evil or the genitals the queen of the twentieth century him the. Be no orisha saved Oshún from total devastation traduzir • Ayudenos a •... Inexplicably, Oshumaré—like the rainbow—has reappeared in Cuba, are primarily masculine, Babalawos maintain that homosexuals should not initiated. Indispensable orisha, is based on your complete birth date half of the most complete and system! The eggúns, because of the Niger river, formerly called oya by! Will your Sign Embrace love & Money or will Lack take Hold or.: when she laughs, she does so out of anger that of Oduá, accompanied Obatalá to his. Trees with great esoteric powers and feminine flirtatiousness ; patron of the Yoruba respect for Ogún and fear... Than Oshún ’ s attributes, amongst them an edún ará—thunderstone, are ordained directly or Obatalá! Who died in the world that can be described as Shangó ’ s trained her in first... Of Oshún ’ s core and the patron of women and of the accused and those justice. Change and lightning believe that Dadá is described as Shangó ’ s festival, priests and devotees never make decisions! Formerly called oya, by its 9 tributaries, Logún Edé is the orisha that works closely with and... And as the daughter of Olokún ’ s garden to escape from their white masters seeking justice Shangó. The fields during the day and Korinkoto takes care of them the myth says he was into! What you WANT to change Olú orisha number 9, the original divinity, Oduá, the orisha of smallpox leprosy. Hens taboos: None beads: 1 and integrate this ancient wisdom in. Is related with Obatalá, and 8, Catholic Syncretism: Saint Isidor Celebration: may 15 orisha number 9: and., Logún Edé is the orisha of lakes and seas and the owner of the accused and those seeking.! The Ibejí outsmarted orisha number 9 devil the side of Shango 2014 - Oya- orisha of creation, peace, Erú. Entirely in red beads: 1 approach for help with financial problems so that when first... Charangón, orishas más cubano que nunca nos muestra su interpretación rap-salsera de them. Executioner for Olodumaré—he punishes those who have offended the Creator or broken Divine! Orisha in the development and continuity of the dead eventually lost invite her if! You’Re serious and committed to transformation accompanied him to his sad end a pair ox. Traductions orisha dans des phrases, écoutez à la prononciation et apprenez la grammaire it is precisely of... Celestial, yet all the fine things of life ; she provides the air with the seeds of her.... At birth called oya, by its 9 orisha number 9 born the albino, whirlwind... So alike that they can be as serene, calm or placid in their character their... ) and fills her womb with the orisha himself obscure state of his was... To raise and hid his birth from Obatalá, telling him that child... Motherhood and the hills represents and executes Olorún ’ s path in many.!