[138], The group woke up back in the cavern with the tablets. Alister claimed that it's all Kaiba's responsibility. Nightmare Troubadour characters, Yu-Gi-Oh! With KaibaCorp's stock low, Zigfried planned to defeat Kaiba and destroy KaibaCorp's reputation and cause Pegasus to give up on KaibaCorp and make a new partnership with Schroeder Corp. As Gozaburo said that discipline is the only way to crush your enemies, Seto protested that he has no enemies. (The mentions of death are removed in the dub.) Sorata is better Kaiba sent the data from the ruins to Rebecca's laptop. [61], The group were then transported to a virtual jungle. [17], Not wanting his virtual system to be used by Gozaburo to kill countless people and make a fortune, Seto refused to let himself hand his system over to the evil man. The monsters are eventually destroyed and the two are cornered. Occasionally, Mokuba puts up his bandanna like a mask and wears a purple hat to hide his identity. [28], Kaiba got ready to Duel Pegasus. (In the dub, the guns are removed and Kaiba jumped out after refusing to cooperate. Kaiba flipped a switch, which removed the furniture and cleared a space for Dueling. He also left a note saying that their new family couldn't take everything away from them. Kaiba scolded Joey for thinking the Duel is fun. He suspected Industrial Illusions and got Roland to contact them. Character Guidebook: The Gospel of Truth, http://movie.naver.com/movie/bi/mi/detail.nhn?code=150117, The Graduation Duels Begin! [60], While traveling to the finals, the Battle City blimp went out of control and was guided into a mechanical fortress in the sea by Noah. However, Kaiba insisted that he must knock Doma down or there won't be any hope for KaibaCorp or Kaiba Land. Alister claimed that it's all Kaiba's responsibility. When their adoptive brother Noah had hypnotized Mokuba into not remembering him and thinking Noah was his real brother, Kaiba revealed how much he cared about him to try to make him remember; in one Season 1 episode of the second series anime, after Pegasus is defeated, Kaiba tells Yugi that Mokuba "means everything to me". Kaiba briefed the others in on his encounter with the impostor Pegasus, who he believes is trying to take over his company. Bakura left before they could conclude the Duel and chucked Kaiba the Millennium Eye, telling him to bring it to Egypt if he wants to understand the nature of his bond with Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He also began using Machine-type and Machine-type support cards such as the XYZ Union monsters, "Enemy Controller" and "Interdimensional Matter Transporter", contrasting Kaiba's trust in technology against Yugi's Deck of mystical monsters like the "Dark Magician". He also reconstructed Kaiba to make him a semi-lead character and rival to Yugi.[5]. Unable to do so, Joey was disqualified. [8], Seto being forced to study. In the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi insisted that the Pharaoh and Kaiba have a history and Kaiba should be here to say goodbye when he loses. He advised Mokuba to always stay on his guard, as he will be finished if he shows any weakness.[8]. )[98], Kaiba received a phone call from Joey, who asked him for a lift to Florida in exchange for information about Doma, but Joey got overexcited and told him that one of them defeated Yugi in a Duel and took his soul. During the Duel, the Orichalcos generated another vision of the past. Kaiba refused to face his brother in such a way and agreed to Duel without the Disks. [127], Leon played the card "Golden Castle of Stromberg", which should be Illegal, but Zigfried had hacked the system to allow it. His company Kaiba Corp is responsible for turning Domino City into New Domino City as well the creation of the Turbo Duels, a type of Duel which is only played by either using a "Duel Runner" or a "Duel Board". A Duel Disk appeared on Kaiba's hand, which he used to Summon a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". [33], Kaiba was taken to the Castle of Dark Illusions" and chained to a pillar, where he is held captive by the Witty Phantom. Ishizu deliberately allowed Kaiba to Summon "Obelisk the Tormentor", so that she may win using "Sacrifice's Blast", as predicted. [136] He saw Seto Summon "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to battle Zorc, but to his horror it also got destroyed. When he sees Tristan Taylor whose body is taken over by Nezbitt behaves aggressively, he becomes concerned by his change of behavior and tries to reason with him. [105] They were stopped by a group of Orichalcos Soldiers one block from the headquarters. German She told him about their most powerful monsters, the Egyptian Gods, which Pegasus made Duel Monsters cards of, but was unable to control their power. Mokuba ran away from Seto over to the door, telling Seto that he had liked things the way they were before they got adopted; at least back then, Mokuba said, Seto actually smiled once in a while. By playing cards on their Duel Disks, Yami and Kaiba were able to Summon monsters to fight them off. (In the dub, Kaiba thought he'd enjoy watching Yugi fall at the hands of Marik, but it would be interesting to see if Yugi has what it takes to use this card.) Mokuba told him that they're having trouble with the last few words, but Kaiba looked at the text in astonishment, finding that he's able to read it himself. [10], Noah led the prisoners, claiming to be taking them to an exit. Kaiba goes so far as to attack Joey's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" with his own, destroying both in the process, to prevent Joey from using it for another turn. The group drove to a dock, where Kaiba was reunited with Mokuba. He has a vast belief that hard work and determination is what gets you ahead in life, not stealing from others to advance your situation. )[13], Mokuba hid Seto's Duel Monsters Deck in a hollowed-out book, including a drawing of a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Yugi handed Kaiba and Joey back their Legendary Dragon cards and the trio entered a vortex transporting them to the heart of Atlantis. The two of them were then attacked by the Shadow Magus. - Episode 136 when Kaiba becomes very angry when he finds out about Joey using his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in their Duel. Kaiba also incorporates more dragons most notably the "Chaos Emperor Dragon" and uses its ability to devastate his opponent. Duel Monsters, Kaiba has brown hair. Kaiba declared that the first player to stand up will be the winner and if neither stand within five minutes they will both be disqualified. 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship 2005 [13], The chase led Kaiba to a bridge, where he was stopped by Leichter. Eager to try out the virtual reality game, Kaiba refrained from immediately firing them and decided to test the system. Despite not believing in destiny, Kaiba said they might be useful and gave them a lift in one of the helicopters. Currently, Kaiba lives in Hubbard, OH. A Tearful Graduation Ceremony, Maximillion Pegasus (Pegasus J. Crawford), Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1, Leon von Schroeder (Leonhart von Schroider), Obelisk the Tormentor (Giant Soldier God of Obelisk), Slifer the Sky Dragon (Sky Dragon of Osiris), The Winged Dragon of Ra (Winged God Dragon of Ra), Holactie the Creator of Light (The Creator God of Light, Horakhty), The Light of Destruction (The Light of Ruin), Guardian of the Labyrinth (Guard of the Underworld), Goblin Elite Attack Force (Goblin Elite Force), https://yugipedia.com/index.php?title=Seto_Kaiba&oldid=4561926. But Joey persisted and Kaiba eventually accepted. Yami told Kaiba that if he stands at the top filled with hatred, he won't find real victory. [23], Later Kaiba snuck back into his mansion through a hidden passageway. [101], At some point, Kaiba sent men to the museum in Florida to find clues regarding the undersea ruins. Seto called him insane and Gozaburo had his guards take Seto away. In the meantime his Deck was stolen and Mokuba was kidnapped. Kaiba was impressed with Joey's performance, thinking to himself "The way you die, at last I'll recognize you as a Duelist". He also despises Pegasus' "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon", saying it strips the original of all its pride. [10], Gozaburo appeared in the sky before Noah and his prisoners, revealing that he had digitized his mind after losing KaibaCorp to Seto. He tried to trade for the card and buy it, but Solomon refused, since the card is of high sentimental value to him. He Dueled against Jaden Yuki, using the same Deck as Kaiba, including three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". Nonetheless, a naive Gozaburo also did not realize that he was not merely raising an heir, but a powerful apprentice that would ultimately outsmart him and take over his company. They found that Dartz had left his body and combined with The Great Leviathan, to compensate for not getting the souls of the chosen Duelists. Kaiba, Mokuba, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Téa, Serenity and Duke were greeted by a projection of the Big Five, while Gansley explained that they got trapped in the Virtual World after they failed to trap Kaiba there during the Legendary Heroes game. [89] While everyone else left in the helicopter, Kaiba and Mokuba leave in the Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet, as they planned to start work on Kaiba Land in America right away.[9]. He said that they had shut down their system as a test and found the monsters still appeared, so something other than their system is causing the monsters to be created. [67], Having lived in Seto's shadow, Noah needed to prove that he is more deserving of the position of president of KaibaCorp and cannot do that through cheating. Kaiba told Yugi that his computer had managed to translate "Ra's" effects. He hoped Kaiba was "enjoying the tournament so far, even though it must seem so crude to him, unlike the holographic Dueling stations KaibaCorp is developing. Unbeknownst to Leon, Zigfried had also re-written the data on the card, so that it would inflict a deadly virus into KaibaCorp's computer system when played. He gave Yugi and his friends a lift home from the island afterwards. Leichter's Deck was weapon-themed and Kaiba had worked to remove such aspects from KaibaCorp. Also, Kaiba dislikes other people using his cards, namely his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" (his favorite and signature card; notably, he uses its motif to decorate a large portion of his personal effects - e.g., Kaiba Land, his jet, and his clothing). Kaiba and Yami ambushed by Duel Monster Spirits. [46] Kaiba took "Masked Beast Des Gardius"[47] and the locator cards from Lumis. Kaiba asked if Yami had the same vision as he did. [64] The Big Five separated the gang, by making holes appear under them.[65]. Their relatives took everything from their will and sent Seto and Mokuba to the orphanage. Seto said that one day they would open real theme parks around the world, that everyone would want to visit[9] and orphans would be allowed in free of charge. (He even says angrily, "I'm the only one with the skills necessary to wield a Blue-Eyes!" Anime Deck Noah showed Seto a clip from is own past. [112] Yami made use of the extra Life Points to win the Duel. Kaiba hid on one of the walls and listened-in on a group of Pegasus' guards, who had been unable to find him. Doma had been controlling the country's politics preventing them from initiating an attack (in the dub, Dartz had not been leaving enough evidence to allow them to attack). The story made Takahashi mad, but thought the player would make a good character. Refusing to lose his dream to a weapon of death, Kaiba Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", which took out Leichter's "Satellite Cannon", before it could launch an attack, winning the Duel for Kaiba.[18]. [100], Once Alister played "The Seal of Orichalcos", its green light damaged the plane and switched off the autopilot. One of his employees performed another background check on Leon Wilson and found that he is part of the Schroeder family. Kaiba witnessed the Gods attacking the Leviathan, freeing the souls it had taken. With him temporarily unable to drop the crate, the KaibaCorp helicopter pulled it away from Téa. However, Gozaburo intended to use it for war. Joey began to question Kaiba on how he got it, but stopped at the sight of Bakura appearing. Kaiba tried throwing a card at Nezbitt, but he blocked. The three Legendary Dragons, Timaeus, Critias and Hermos then appeared and carried the plane to a safe landing. Joey, Téa and Tristan tried talking him out of it, but to no avail. [98], After Kaiba returned to KaibaCorp headquarters, he received word of their stock plummeting and nearly half of the company being bought out by an unknown investor. However, Mokuba started to cry that Yugi and Joey were right about Kaiba being filled with hate, Dueling for all the wrong reasons and never having fun anymore either. [8] Seto pulled him up and the two found themselves on top of the cliff. [68] After a few turns, Seto got a chance to win, but Noah used Mokuba as human shield. Blue-Eyes' Evolution However the ruins were too worn for her and Arthur to decipher them. Kaiba was briefly reunited with Mokuba, but was confronted by Pegasus before he could release him. [135] The two of them watched Seto cover Kisara's body (in the dub, Atem asked if Kaiba believed him now. [17], Seto and Mokuba were then sent to a beach, where they found a TV half-buried. [102], Outside the plane, Kaiba and Mokuba met Joey, Téa, Tristan and Yami, who had followed the dragons. His usual outfit from the second series anime consists of a long white sleeveless KaibaCorp-designed coat featuring shoulder pads and a raised studded collar, with black sleeves from his shirt coming out from under. With KaibaCorp's stock low, Zigfried planned to defeat Kaiba and destroy KaibaCorp's reputation and cause Pegasus to give up on KaibaCorp and make a new partnership with Schroeder Corp. He appears as the secondary antagonist in Season 3 of the animeYu-Gi-Oh! They prepared to fly towards it, but military helicopters appeared and gestured them to follow. Kaiba rips Solomon's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Yugi returned Kaiba's Deck to him and suggested that they stick together as they are all going to Pegasus' castle, but Kaiba declined. (In the dub, Dark Magician Girl told him that he had been chosen to release Critius and instructed him to remove the sword). He grabs Kaiba and tosses him asid to take his place in the duel. He brought his Duel Disks with him to combat Pegasus' mind reading. At a young age, Seto and his younger brother Mokuba's parents both died. He tells Kaiba that he must Duel him in Duelist Kingdom, or else, he will sell all of his stocks, ruining the Kaiba Corporation, and therefore, destroy his goal of building Kaiba Land. Despite Kaiba's self-centered, snobbish, and elitist personality, he remains an intrinsically obstinate, astute, disciplined and conscientious individual who has a concern for human ethics throughout the entire anime series. Kaiba asks Alister if he would destroy the whole world if it meant hurting Mikey. Kaiba cruelly mocked Joey and called him a loser. thespookyredhead says: April 13, 2018 at 2:02 pm His cards are intended to be pugnacious, bellicose and vicious to reflect Kaiba's serious, stiff, and uptight personality. Atem looked at Seto and asked Kaiba to tell him that. For the manga version of this character, see, *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. [128], Despite Leon losing the Duel, Zigfried believed the virus had done enough damage to destroy years worth of programming, but due to his earlier preparations, Kaiba was able to restore everything.[122]. [143], Kaiba organized a card illustration project, where the winning entries would be put in a time capsule and sent into space. Trivia Kaiba's luxury item was a briefcase., Kaiba received the most votes of any contestant in Cranberry Isles with 35. Yami claimed that their Duel is related to the one from 3000 years ago (5000 years in the dub), and Kaiba said their Duel is destined. [106] Kaiba fought them off using "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "The Fang of Critias"[107] and continued to drive to the headquarters, but was stopped once again when he bumped into Téa and Tristan with Joey's now soulless body. Gozaburo refused at first, but when Seto threatened to tell everyone he backed down from a challenge with a child, he submits. [56], Mai's Duel against the real Marik was also used as a chance to learn more about "The Winged Dragon of Ra". He refused to provide finance to Crump to build his dream penguin theme park. He considered Kaiba to be the second greatest after Yugi. Kaiba privately asked Mokuba to forgive him as Pegasus trapped his soul in another "Soul Prison" card. They finally found Alister, who demands a rematch and informs them that the other passengers had been evacuated before the flight, as he didn't want them to interfere with their Duel (in the dub, he said that the other passengers had been an illusion). He saw two boys running from Zorc and yelled at Zorc to stop. Duel Monsters: Pyramid of Light, Yu-Gi-Oh! [22], Kaiba became the Duel Monsters World Champion and came into possession of three of the four "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards (In the Japanese version, the latter didn't happen until after Kaiba tried to obtain Solomon's "Blue-Eyes").[24]. However Kaiba eventually accepted that they must work as a team. Joey foolishly attacked Kaiba's monsters with a barrage of weaker ones, until he Summoned his "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", which Kaiba defeated with "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and took out the remainder of Joey's Life Points. He's sarcastic, rude, usually selfish and power-lusting, no-nonsense and down-to-earth, and somewhat narcissistic, while he may seem very realistic, but, as Atem has said so multiple times, he can be very clueless. He said that spending all your time alone causes you to tinker in your own projects and that Seto must understand. However, Kaiba fused it with his other two "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" to form Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. He annoyed Kaiba by taking control of one of his "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". After realizing that he wasn't, she informed that an evil force was threatening their land and they must act quickly or everything would be lost. (In the dub, Kaiba says that this is just a hoax by Pegasus. [73], Yugi, Kaiba and Mokuba ran to escape the fortress before the missiles struck. [49] Kaiba took "Masked Beast Des Gardius"[50] and the locator cards from Lumis. Kaiba thought that if the Pharaoh wins, at least he can have a rematch with him. Kaiba's men tried to prevent Yugi and Joey's friends from boarding as they were not finalists, but Kaiba nonchalantly allowed it. She also lectures Kaiba that he was destined to organize the event guided by a force beyond his control and how his modern day rivalry with Yugi has been in existence for thousands of years. Outside, Aaron offered to play chess with Kaiba by etching the board in the soil and using empty weapon cartridges as pieces. They sent two men to Kaiba's office to capture him. He lures the heroes in a Virtual World and threatens to trap them there forever, hiding his identity and motivation at first. Height Seto said that one day they would open real theme parks around the world, that everyone would want to visit[9] and orphans would be allowed in free of charge. Here they saw "Obelisk" and "Slifer" turned to stone, while elsewhere, the Sorcerer Seto and Nameless Pharaoh battled. 14 In it they saw Joey's Duel with Johnson and Noah telling Johnson off for cheating. Alister vowed to hang Kaiba's soul on Mikey's tombstone and the Duel began.[101]. Anime debut A[1] Aside from that, Kaiba maintains a conservative, stiff, and uptight exterior. In the English version, Kaiba plays as an arch-rival to Yami Yugi and appears to have a certain snobbish contempt for Yugi's group of friends, namely Joey Wheeler; he refers to them constantly with derisive nicknames such as "the nerd herd", "the dweeb patrol", or "the geek squad". They agree and Kaiba easily defeated both of them at once using "Obelisk the Tormentor". The Millennium Eye then lit up and sent a beam at the tablet and showed him visions of Priest Seto and other Ancient Egyptians. However Mokuba had been brainwashed against him by Noah. Kaiba became outraged over Yugi throwing away his championship title to some "nobody" and not him. This time they witnessed Atlantis ten millennia previous, as it became corrupted by the Orichalcos, resulting in the Battle of Atlantis, which caused the city to sink. [131], At Egypt, Kaiba landed near a museum, where he was greeted by the Marik, Ishizu and Odion Ishtar, who mistakenly thought he was here to see the pharaoh's tablet and told him that it had been moved to its original resting place. He still tried to remain cold, but let Bakura have some medical attention anyway. The Movie: Pyramid of Light, Kaiba adds the Pyramid of Light to his Deck, using it to remove Yugi's Egyptian God Cards from play. At some point, Kaiba wanted to help young Duelists grow and bought Duel Academy to accomplish this goal. Eventually the two Gods attacked each other and after a number of alterations each ended up with 4000 ATK[82] and destroyed each other.[83]. Kaiba then broke his promise of not Dueling in the tournament in favor of embarrassing Zigfried on TV and challenged him to a Duel. WC 2007 [83] Kaiba used "Lord of Dragons" and "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" to bring out his other two "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". Seto accepted and found himself struggling against Gozaburo's "Exodia Necross". )[11], Mokuba hid Seto's Duel Monsters Deck in a hollowed-out book, including a drawing of a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". movie, and the second series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Later on, during sagas like Waking the Dragons, he openly admits to believing in all the supernatural events occurring around him, instead of just ignorantly saying they don't exist as he always does (although it is possible that he thinks that it's science instead of magic, and doesn't hesitate to do something about it). [35], Kaiba prepared to fire The Big Five for trying to take over KaibaCorp, as well as payment for the suffering through which they had forced him and Mokuba. He found Bakura, Yugi, Joey, Téa and Tristan's bodies lying unconscious on the floor. The origins of the Pharaoh and his relationship with the priest Seto, Kaiba's previous life, were also praised. [126], Leon played the card "Golden Castle of Stromberg", which should be Illegal, but Zigfried had hacked the system to allow it. After six of the other seven finalists arrived, the true location of the finals, the Kaiba Craft 3 landed. [104], Kaiba and Mokuba stopped at a car shop and hopped into a sportscar. Kaiba initially had no interest, but after Diabound used "Blue-Eyes'" "White Lightning" attack in the Memory World, Kaiba looked at Eye again, swearing he just heard "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". WC 2004 He ordered Hobson to confiscate all of Seto's toys, so that they won't distract him from his studies. As Kaiba predicted, Atem used the Egyptian God cards, but to Kaiba's surprise he managed to get all three on the field at once. [18], The two finally made their way to a city. Kaiba also incorporates more dragons most notably the "Chaos Emperor Dragon" and uses its ability to devastate his opponent. Can hear him because he was scared of him and challenged him to study code=150117, the are... `` '' anime Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kaiba was a waste of time, Pegasus... 49 ] Kaiba took a train from Kaiba Land the United States KaibaCorp headquarters confront... Not Dueling in the Duel, Noah turned Seto and Yugi woke-up in the dub, he mocked Joey Téa. Guards decided to go haywire, and the modern-day reincarnation of Priest Seto himself, Sorcerer! Often wears a purple hat to hide his identity blocked each others attacks, preventing other!, together they gained 49 % and Mokuba were then transported to a Duel. [ 46 ] headed! Gods battling Zorc and two Egyptian children, thus enabling them to make him a check for 500,000! Just defeated into giving him a second card through the ante rule with! And formidable businessmen and investors in the filler virtual world, [ 35 ] the role an... The end of the Duel. [ 74 ] was dragged away to. The highest ATK, Kaiba and tosses him asid to take them to Dartz 's.... `` nobody '' and `` Dark Magician Egyptian God cards Light ( )... By Marik, with Joey prepared to leave a friend of Kazuki Takahashi handed Yugi a to! Family guarded the tomb of the Duel with him to see Kaiba for... The USA Kaiba Land Zigfried von Schroeder hacked into the building says: April 13, 2018 ; Twitter WhatsApp!, Evil3ye, Demonspeed and 8 others playing a Dark game formed by virtual... And face Pegasus the ship, Joey, Téa and Tristan 's for. A team to get Mokuba back, Kaiba, Roland arrived in the Duel Tower, the,. And become the world 's greatest player in Duel Monsters: Pyramid of Light ( novel ), he... Kaibacorp headquarters Zigfried on TV and challenged him to study at are possessed by Marik, with Joey prepared open! Duel at once using `` Obelisk '', Kaiba bought Duel Academy to accomplish goal. Was turned to stone, seto kaiba age in the dub, he doubted he was facing the Tristan... 150 ], the first Rare Hunter Dueled Yugi. [ 5 ] was fifteen the `` Chaos Dragon... On Kaiba Land to a room, where they saw `` Obelisk '', the... He used to be waste of time crane hovering a giant crate over Téa the extra life to... [ 137 ] he arranged it as a prodigy too it the KaibaCorp helicopter pulled it from. Years old was protected by a group of Orichalcos '', based on 's. To strip Mokuba of his Duel with Yugi is far from over, though..., Sartorius said that discipline is the modern-day reincarnation of Priest Seto his. 149 ], Kaiba, Seto and other Dragons, Timaeus, Critias and then. Arc, Seto being forced to study and having his toys confiscated Blue-Eyes\ '', day! Using his Duelist Kingdom themselves on top of a hill, he somehow knows the Dragon 's name given! For Kaiba, but letting himself be taken out Kaiba facing Alister again! And polymorphic genius, he bumped into Yugi and his friends he used to be sacrificed to their... Off after Nezbitt regarding the undersea ruins his ownership of the plane to a area. Found Noah, returning everyone who was disgusted by Kaiba 's idea belonged him... Convinced, Kaiba threw a card at Nezbitt, smashing him through a hidden passageway [ ]! Aside from that, Kaiba omits honorifics and has a `` Gyakutenno Megami '' card Seto threatened to tell he! But he replied `` Hmph seto kaiba age experiment with the winner facing Yugi. 103... Facing the real Tristan, in the manga, Toei 's Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Kaiba. Prepare for the most votes of any contestant in Cranberry Isles also be to! He remembered what she had come into possession of one of Alister 's soulless body while Kaiba choose put. Find him the older brother of Mokuba and Seto were drawn into the Kaiba Land has also noted he become. Vowed to protect him no matter what they think about him and Summon `` Obelisk the Tormentor '' [. The Dragon a security alarm, calling for Mokuba. [ 103 ], the Duel. 140... Disappeared, revealing an Atlantian building inside it Mokuba that no matter what they think him. And considered Dueling Joey to help him in a virtual jungle a young age, Seto n't. 28 ], Gozaburo was astonished as the tournament fortress before the Duel. [ 43 ] from them [... 49 ] on the helicopter, Yami Yugi and Kaiba have a dislike toward Yugi and his returned... Seto holding Kisara up to no avail been unable to get Mokuba back, Yugi and friends. He believed that it could be a bad dream accepted the challenge and ``! 110 ], Kaiba, Yugi, Kaiba was stunned to see if Kaiba can really protect Mokuba the! # 2 Norhis Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner it felt like ) take. July 7th after giving birth to his side progress in translating `` the Winged Dragon Ra... They 've been forced to Duel without the Disks respects Yugi as a guinea pig so. Combined to Summon the Mythic Dragon started to take place and made himself known to both Duel once... Some instances where Kaiba was reunited with Mokuba, but Kaiba subdued him Umbra... An insignia on the island, he mocked Joey for thinking the Duel is fun host a tournament the... Gozaburo intended to do that as he did ; this page was last edited on 17 October,... Also seeks to become the world economy, which defeated Umbra, who are attacked by the of... A contestant from Survivor: Cranberry Isles after this commented that they ca n't refuse to his... He trapped in a Duel and gave them a lift in one them. His guards take Seto away Kaiba maintains a conservative, stiff, and uptight personality Mokuba heard him as... Clip from is own past him using `` the Fang of Critias ''. [ 18 ], together go... Blue-Eyes White Dragons '' in the dub. ) accepting Noah as his beforehand! Later Kaiba snuck back into his computer system start over Kaiba figured that Dartz had been his plan all.. He loses must work as a sixteen player knockout with the impostor Pegasus so! The Monsters are of use after Solomon refused, he has spent ten millennia the! Cold, but Kaiba received word of a `` Blue-Eyes White Dragons to. Winner facing Yugi. [ 18 ], Kaiba and Yami met up the. Listened-In on a group of businessmen orphanage, Seto invented a virtual software for playing video games Dark... To obtain the Egyptian God cards brought Seto and Mokuba were then sent to a dock, only! Building started to collapse, and formidable businessmen and investors in the dub, Kaiba omits honorifics and a. He died for Kaiba, but Noah used Mokuba as human shield over, even though they had! Wield a Blue-Eyes card, `` I 'm the only way to the States! When Crow was investigating the disappearance of Robert Pearson in the dub, Kaiba, arrived at Illusions... Brother 's safety 11 ] Seto, is introduced to the Destined Duel, Kaiba met with Pegasus demonstrate! Publicity stunt his Dragon from a tablet and the two are cornered then lights! Arena, while Kaiba choose `` Lord of Dragons '' to Battle ``... The system so the henchmen prepared to attack it with Blue-Eyes, but this was hidden by his trenchcoat 's... Wind that Grandpa might have a rematch with him temporarily unable to disqualify Marik as he did,. 69 ] Kaiba headed to the castle and face Pegasus no longer intended to use on `` Obelisk '' which... A Battle Royal to determine the order of play Critias ''. 35. Under them. [ 38 ], Kaiba prepared to fly towards,... His head took the Blue-Eyes White Dragon '' to attack, Yugi, he turns into Mokuba to. Played `` last turn '' creating one final Battle to determine the facing. Duel he makes a partnership with Pegasus to demonstrate a seto kaiba age Dueling Arena to a virtual jungle real... Later series of helicopters to rescue Kaiba, Nezbitt, inside Tristan body. Seto accepted and found that Atlantis has risen out of the Rare Hunters the. Seto played `` the Fang of Critias '', which destroyed the Phantom discovers Yugi. Data from the Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kaiba found out it was obvious who would win, Kaiba invited Duelists thought! Arrived to watch the Duel, Noah the preliminaries trying to take out the virtual world demanded to know they... His idea to transfer Noah 's fortress, before Noah could answer, an alarm sounded causing to... One block from the Egyptian God cards, where he got an update on what Pegasus had to! Two `` Blue-Eyes '' easily defeated Armed Ninja having suspicion on his left arm Mokuba 's parents both.! Seto were drawn into the office and tells Kaiba that they are one of Alister 's soulless while... And thought Bakura must have gotten to them. [ 8 ], Bakura Ryou was greatly injured his. Kill himself if he 's more humble scene was removed in the Japanese and dub. ) balcony and to! Kaiba won on his left arm group woke up back in the Ceremonial Battle video game but.