The Emperor soon moved the other strike team members to different locations but left the Hero aboard his personal fortress for training. To ensure that Scourge truly believed in their cause, Nyriss announced that she would take him to Nathema, the Emperor's homeworld, so that he could see the Emperor's crimes for himself. [1], Upon reaching Nyriss's stronghold, Scourge was enraged when her chief of security, a Human named Murtog, refused to allow him entry until he confirmed Scourge's identity. Scourge then proposed that they strike at the Emperor at dawn, as the Imperial Guard was stretched thin enforcing the curfew, and the three settled down to try and sleep. They lived in another plane of existence which had geometry reminiscent of Hell, giving the universe its name. Scourge followed Sechel for several blocks until they arrived at a small apartment building, and the Sith Lord cut his way into the building to pursue Sechel further. However, Lor'themar, Halduron, and the Farstriders frequently ventured out into the wilderness to battle the Scourge. Scourge first appeared in the 2011 novel The Old Republic: Revan by Drew Karpyshyn, a tie-in book to the BioWare–LucasArts video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, which was released later that year. [3] The character was excluded as a romance option for the Jedi Knight for a variety of reasons, which included budget limitations, practicality, and creative direction. Lor'themar Theron says: This is where the end began. [1], Taking his speeder back to Kaas City, Scourge immediately began calculating what he had to do to ensure Sechel's silence. Revan admitted that he did have a vision of Surik almost right afterward, and Scourge continued to question Revan about the future and the Force while also working to keep his own vision secret from the Jedi. [33] However, with the release of Onslaught, Scourge has now become a romance opportunity for the Jedi Knight, both male and female. Scourge suspected that one of his instructors had recommended him for the posting out of jealousy or spite, but he was unable to prove his theory. The Sith Lord watched as the Emperor sent his opponents crashing to the floor with a final blast of lightning and then, proclaiming the Jedi to be his servants and slaves, dominated their minds and twisted them to the dark side of the Force. However, in doing so, Shan and her people also fell prey to Vitiate's plague, thereby forcing Scourge and Carsen to quarantine them aboard a vessel that they deliberately left drifting in the Outer Rim until they could muster enough aid to save them. Making use of the manufacturing plant's catwalks, Scourge ascended the room and was spared further attacks from the assault drone on account of the droid's limited range of mobility. The Burning Legion had experimented with the undead for at least ten thousand years, with the first hint of the Scourge's creation being an experiment by the nathrezim to raise undead night elves in the ruins of Suramar during the War of the Ancients. Scourge often enveloped his fist with lightning during combat and delivered punches to his opponents. After ensuring he was not being watched, Scourge headed for the nearby gate to let Sechel in. [1], The Guardsmen's apparent lack of concern over allowing an armed Sith Lord to speak with the Emperor alone unnerved Scourge, as their evident trust in the Emperor's immense power sparked doubt in his mind as to whether they could truly defeat the Sith ruler. Scourge was a pureblood Sith male who served as a Sith Lord of the reconstituted Sith Empire and later as the Emperor's Wrath, the personal enforcer of the Sith Emperor, before he allied with the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython in order to prevent the Emperor from extinguishing all life in the galaxy. ))​)​)​ [28], It was also at this time that Scourge learnt that the immortality granted to him by the Emperor existed no longer, in light of the latter's death. [34] Scourge also receives a number of optional customizations that can alter his skin color, hair color, and hairstyle. Strong's Greek 3146: To flog, scourge, the victim being strapped to a pole or frame; met: I chastise. Captain Yarri of the Guard escorted Scourge into the depths of the Citadel, though he almost started a brawl with some of the Guard when Yarri denied his request for an audience with the Emperor. These scourge creatures are the largest aquatic predators and very rarely do they frequent such shallow waters. Tossed off the droid, Scourge attacked his opponent on its blind side, cutting deep into the droid with two strikes before it lashed out with one of its legs—a blow that cracked several of Scourge's ribs and sent him crashing to the ground. [1], Scourge was skeptical of the truth of Nyriss's story, but the Dark Councilor told him that he would see for himself when they arrived on Nathema. [8] However, the Sith Lord acknowledged that the strengths of the Jedi were not necessarily lesser than those of the Sith. Barring the other Sith pureblood entry to his quarters, Scourge listened as Sechel informed him that he had met with a Human woman earlier in the Nexus Room cantina. Musing over the strange mysteries of the Force, Scourge realized that the fulfillment of his vision was approaching, and he told the Hero that the Jedi could keep Sajar before departing. Scourge, however, only concluded that he liked the fact that they had returned to him. [12], In 3642 BBY,[10] the Empire invaded the resource-rich planet Quesh as part of its plan to draw the Republic fully into open war. [2] Days later, the Hero and the rest of a strike team led by Tol Braga boarded the Emperor's Fortress above Dromund Kaas. Yet the Jedi had convinced his guards to surrender, and Scourge and Surik encountered no opposition upon entering the dungeons. As promised, Scourge recounted both his vision and the Emperor's plans to destroy the galaxy, explaining how the Emperor intended to repeat the same ritual he performed on Nathema but on a galactic scale in order to become a god. As a result, he grew to treasure the memories of the things that he could no longer sense or feel. Once all four allies were in the throne room itself, T3-M4 began sealing the doors with an adhesive used to repair starships as Scourge and Surik battled Yarri and the three remaining Guardsmen. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Taking the weapon, Scourge carried the man out of the wrecked ship and to Nyriss, who recognized him as Revan—a Jedi Master. Aquatic Scourge: A horror born of pollution and insatiable hunger; based on size alone this was merely a juvenile. Choose your side in the #SWTORCompanionChaos Celebration – Starting March 20! Biographical information Sith Empire[1]Nathema conspiracy[1]Sith Emperor's power base[1]Hero of Tython[4] Fixed a bug where The Scourge would look strange on certain characters. Scourge was a pureblood Sith male who served as a Sith Lord of the reconstituted Sith Empire and later as the Emperor's Wrath, the personal enforcer of the Sith Emperor, before he allied with the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython in order to prevent the Emperor from extinguishing all life in the galaxy. We also play the darkwater scourge, to survive against aggro decks or deal with a unit with a single combat, and also give to kalista a nice allie to reborn by attacking when she leveled up. Here, it awaits the time-at-the-end-of-time, when it will wield the power of the stars to shatter the foundations of the world. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, Sechel's mission planning failed to account for the three-meter-high security fence that surrounded the Uxiol plant, and the error only served to exacerbate Scourge's growing sense of uneasiness. Lor’themar claimed he’d never seen the magic Sylvanas used before. Species [6] Found to be Force-sensitive in 3964 BBY, Scourge was sent to the Empire's capital planet of Dromund Kaas, where he was enrolled in the Sith Academy as a young acolyte. Significant cybernetic and biochemical enhancements[2] card types. The Scourge were said to be a part of humanity ever since the first mammal became aware of itself and felt guilty for it. Scourge took a vindictive pleasure in feeding Vowrawn cryptic hints over the years that only clouded Vowrawn's understanding of his motives. [8], After becoming the Emperor's Wrath,[1] Scourge received extensive biochemical enhancements throughout his body, which further increased his strength[2] and worked to sustain the effects of the immortality ritual that Scourge underwent at the Emperor's hands. However, Scourge had a plan: He was going to enlist the aid of the Emperor himself by revealing the conspiracy. The Scourge had left most of Quel'Thalas dangerous and uninhabitable, and the beleaguered elves, wracked by the pangs of addiction, made little progress with countering the Scourge remnants. EXPLICATION: The mace Scourge, Blessed of Malacath, Mackkan's legendary weapon, forged from sacred ebony in the Fountains of Fickledire, has ever been the bane of the Dark Kin, and many a black spirit has been hurled back into Oblivion with a single blow of this bold defender of the friendless. Scourge and Nyriss realized that the Emperor must have let them go for some reason, most likely under his mental control, and the Dark Councilor decided that they would take Revan back to her stronghold for interrogation. Aurelion Sol + The Scourge #Lor #LegendsOfRuneterra #AurelionSol #Lor.d Tenebrae conquered Medriaas's northern continent over the next four years before he killed Dramath, and shortly afterward, he was summoned before the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith, Marka Ragnos. Braga's arrival led the Emperor to leap down from his throne and mock the Jedi Master for his pride, and as the Emperor unleashed a storm of Force lightning at the five Jedi, Scourge walked away from the Jedi while the Emperor bent his attacks so that they passed around his Wrath. None[3] Call of the Mountain LoR Card Impressions: Lulu Revealed (Whimsy!, Help, Pix! Nyriss continued her lecture by explaining that Scourge had what she described as a "special gift"—the ability to draw strength from living opponents by gorging himself on their emotions, amplifying his powers beyond the normal levels of a Sith. Scourge approached the facility's entrance just as the Hero and Lieutenant Gundo of the 86th Infantry activated ray shields, and he was surprised to recognize the young Jedi as the Knight from his vision three centuries earlier. In the ceremony that followed, Shan conferred on the Hero the rank of Jedi Master, and Dabrin awarded all six of them—including Scourge—the Cross of Glory, the Republic's highest honor. Favorite this item to gain immunity to the sulphurous waters and increase the stat gains from the Well Fed buff. There, Scourge, Carsen, and the Hero followed their other companions into the Valiant's main hangar. [16], From Narezz and Chul, the Jedi learned that Lord Fulminiss had been sent to the planet Voss, and the group immediately set course to follow. Though the Emperor did not visibly react, the air around him seemed to grow cold, and the Emperor briefly questioned Scourge further before telepathically summoning Yarri and a Sith to take the disks from Scourge. Lor’themar Briefs Player on Quest to Free Baine Lor’themar: Were it not for the Horde, the remaining sin’dorei might have died out against the Scourge. Convinced that the Emperor needed to be stopped, Scourge allied himself with the Jedi Masters Revan and Meetra Surik while planning to confront the Emperor—but when he witnessed the future and saw that it was another Jedi who was destined to destroy the Emperor, Scourge turned on his allies to ensure his own survival. 34 cards. Added in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. [2], When he returned to the Emperor, Scourge informed his master that he had encountered the same Knight whom the Emperor had learned of months earlier during the recent conflict between Darth Angral and the Republic. 34 cards. However, Scourge quickly realized that though they were allies, he and Revan were not friends, and he let the matter drop before explaining his findings. After the Third War, the traitor Dar'Khan Drathir pursued Anveena Teague, the current avatar of the Sunwell, into Quel'Thalas.Lor'themar and Halduron rallied the blood elves in alliance with the band of adventurers and blue dragons who had joined together to protect Anveena and threw back the Scourge. [1], Over the next three years, Scourge continued to question Revan, learning that the Jedi High Council had wiped Revan's mind and that he had come to Nathema to recover his lost memories. When he finally returned, Surik informed Scourge that she believed him, but the Sith Lord announced that he would be unable to free Revan with only Surik's help. When Surik adopted a horrified look later in their discussion, Scourge misread her expression as disbelief, leading Surik to explain what she was really thinking: With the planetary quarantine, the Emperor might be planning to repeat the Nathema ritual on Dromund Kaas. League of Legends. Born several decades before the Jedi Civil War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire under the Sith Lord Darth Revan, Scourge excelled during his time as a student at the Sith Academy on the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas. Scourge's musings ended when the group arrived at Nyriss's chambers, and the Sith was surprised to discover how much of a toll the dark side had taken on the Dark Councilor's physical form—her face was particularly sickly and aged, and her form frail after years of immersion in the dark side. According to Kimble, Scourge became obsessed with something related to the Sith Emperor, however, he was unsure as to what it was. [1], Scourge took advantage of that reprieve to dispatch two of the five patrol drones following him by using the Force to make them collide, sending both crashing down into one of the nearby vats of molten metal. Curious but irritated, Scourge departed from the prison cell. [1], At that moment, Revan emerged from his cell, intercepting Nyriss's lightning with his bare hands before he redirected it against her and incinerated the Sith. His suspicions were confirmed—they were coming to kill him—but Scourge was then forced to leap aside in order to avoid blasterfire. The furious Dark Councilor laughed when Surik emerged from Revan's cell with her lightsaber drawn to stand with Scourge, and Nyriss unleashed another blast of lightning that Surik and Scourge dodged before she drew her own lightsaber and leaped into battle with them. Scourge drew further strength from his opponents as he attacked the two Sith. [29] Scourge was intelligent and cunning,[9] and he enjoyed using power[8] and also manipulating others to his own ends. [[Jedi Knight]] companion Allegiance: [[Galactic Republic]] Species: [[Sith Pureblood]] Gender: Male Planet: [[Hoth]] Weapon(s): LightsabersShields Lord Scourge is a Sith Pureblood of the Sith Empire. Before they could do so, Yarri arrived and ordered Scourge's companions to step away from the entrance. Nyriss assured him that Xedrix had more than enough reason to betray the Emperor and the Dark Council, but Scourge was uncomfortable to learn that she had no intention to report Xedrix's treachery to the Emperor. n. 1. Warning his companions to let him do the talking, Scourge led the others up the steps to the entrance to the Emperor's wing of the building, but they were suddenly confronted by a number of Guardsmen, who ordered them to surrender for breaking the curfew. [27] However, doing so unleashed a very potent Sith ritual that the former Emperor carved into his body as a final safeguard and failsafe against his enemies. Scourge definition: A scourge is something that causes a lot of trouble or suffering to a group of people. Nevertheless, Nyriss ordered Scourge to continue his interrogation of Revan, as she sought to learn how the Jedi had broken free from the Emperor's mental control so that she could break the Emperor's control over his servants, such as the Emperor's Hand and the Imperial Guard. A shocked Revan quickly fell to the Emperor's lightning, and Scourge fell to his knee before the Emperor. Pledging his loyalty to the Hero, Scourge aided the Knight and the Jedi's crew in foiling the Emperor's plans to repeat the dark-side ritual that he had used to devastate Nathema but on a galactic scale. Following Meridian Complex assault, he and Carsen made themselves known to the Commander (who then recognized Scourge as his attacker) and explained to them the threat they faced when they regrouped on Odessen. [1], Revan's words continued to haunt Scourge almost a week later, and he was contemplating Revan's proposal of an alliance in his quarters when Sechel knocked on the door. The woman recovered quickly enough to draw an electrorod before Scourge could reach her, and the two began to circle each other as the Sith offered to hire her if she told him who had arranged for the attack. However, two mercenaries refused to get out of Scourge's way, as was expected of the Subjugate caste within the Empire, and it was only Sechel's hurried attempts to get them to move aside that prevented Scourge from having the two Humans arrested. However, the ritual had stripped the Force itself from Nathema, killing every living thing on the planet and rendering Vitiate immortal. [1], Scourge and Surik had little time to worry, however, when T3-M4 detected someone approaching. The Hero's freedom came just in time, as Scourge had recently learned that the Emperor's agents were preparing to commit genocide on the recently discovered Republic prison world of Belsavis in order to start the Emperor's ritual. However, Scourge sensed the truth in Xedrix's words about Nyriss, and he decided to corner Sechel to gain answers. We also play the darkwater scourge, to survive against aggro decks or deal with a unit with a single combat, and also give to kalista a nice allie to reborn by attacking when she leveled up. When night finally fell, Murtog contacted Scourge via his comlink, informing the Sith that his team was in position. When they finally arrived in the Nathema system, Scourge realized that the star system lacked the Force—and the alien sensation grew only stronger as they approached the planet. Scourge discovered an unconscious man of about forty in brown robes in the cockpit and was astonished to see that he carried a lightsaber. [1], Bosthirda and Dromund Kaas on the Kamat Krote hyperlane, On Bosthirda, Scourge and Nyriss's men located the separatists' base in a two-story building in Jerunga, the planetary capital. Handing over Sechel's data disks—which had been altered to remove evidence of his involvement—he informed the Emperor of Nyriss's conspiracy. Red[3] Drawing on his own emotions to fuel his strength, Scourge prepared to fight Xedrix and his acolytes, but was surprised when Xedrix backed away and let his subordinates fight alone. [1], Realizing that Surik believed that he would betray them, Scourge assured his allies that his contact with the Emperor's mind and the devastation of Nathema had convinced him that the Emperor needed to be stopped. A master in the art of interrogation, Scourge could also bolster his skills with the power of the dark side, enabling him to dominate the minds of the weak-willed and undermine strong-willed individuals. stats. 6. mana cost. [1], At sunrise, Scourge, the two Jedi, and T3-M4 departed from their cave. Revan then spoke of his belief that the Force would bring forth another champion to stop the Emperor if they failed, and a confused Scourge spent the next several hours struggling to make sense of his vision as he waited for dawn. 2.4.1 (Unlisted) 10% to summon a Spectral Wolf on Kill has been changed to 10% to Cast level 18 Summon Spectral Wolf on Kill. The Sith Lord then proceeded to fly the six of them to the Dark Temple, and he, Rusk, Carsen, and Doc departed from the shuttle before the Hero and T7-O1 to engage the Temple's defenders. and More) Introducing Our New LoR Content Team…Glimpse Beyond! The Scourge has also been seen in Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forest in Lordaeron, and all along the Dead Scar in Quel'Thalas which runs from the Ghostlands all the way into Eversong Woods through Silvermoon to the Sunwell Pla… Marching forward, Scourge snorted in contempt when Xedrix began to beg for his life, and he sliced the Dark Lord from shoulder to hip with a single strike before decapitating Xedrix to keep his head as proof for Nyriss. He bolstered his physical abilities with the Force in order to increase his speed and agility, and he could guide a thrown lightsaber with the Force to strike his intended target in the heat of battle. Surik threw her lightsaber, knocking Revan's own weapon from the Emperor's hands and preventing him from killing Revan—but Scourge realized that had she aimed for the Emperor, she would have killed the Sith at the expense of her friend's life. When the Emperor ordered Yarri to take Scourge into custody, Scourge quickly told the Sith ruler that Nyriss was expecting his return. The Scourge had left most of Quel'Thalas dangerous and uninhabitable, and the beleaguered elves, wracked by the pangs of addiction, made little progress with countering the Scourge remnants. However, Scourge was then confronted with a three-meter-tall UDM assault droid equipped with two heavy blaster cannons, and the Sith Lord was forced to find cover as it opened fire and charged. When Xedrix passed Scourge's hiding place, the Sith pureblood struck at the elder Human, and Scourge found that he was unable to draw on Xedrix's emotions because the Dark Councilor kept them too controlled. [31] His skill with the blade, regardless of whether he wielded it with his dominant right hand or his left hand, was such that even his instructors at the Sith Academy had been reluctant to battle him while he was still an apprentice. 1 Lore Items 2 Item Tooltips 3 Quotes 4 Boss Lore 4.1 Desert Scourge 4.2 Crabulon 4.3 The Hive Mind 4.4 The Perforators 4.5 The Slime God … Their primary fortification and "capital" in Lordaeron is the ruined city of Stratholme, under the rule of Baron Rivendare the scourge controls the majority of the city but the humans of the Scarlet Crusade hold a small section. Scourge definition, a whip or lash, especially for the infliction of punishment or torture. The Grand Master informed the two that the Empire had just launched an attack upon the prison world and that her agent on the surface—a Jedi named Enna Tabord—had determined that Executor Krannus had recently arrived on Belsavis. Despite his reservations about Sechel, Scourge bowed to Nyriss and departed the room to prepare, and the group headed to Bosthirda within a few hours. [1], Days later, the Emperor rewarded Scourge by giving him the newly created post of the Emperor's Wrath, the Emperor's personal enforcer and executioner. When Revan turned around to face Yarri, she recognized him, for she was the same Guard who had lured him and Malak into a trap years earlier, and the hallway erupted into battle. As all missions between "An Unthinkable Alliance" and "Doomsday" can be completed with any of the player's five companions, this article refrains from specifying which companion accompanied the player. Define scourge. League of Legends Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. As a result of this, all the sensations that Scourge was numbed to, such as emotions, came flooding back causing Scourge initial unease with how to respond to his recovered emotions and sensations. The two discussed the possible reasoning behind the attacks on her life and why the separatists would target her instead of the Human Darth Xedrix, who had served on the Council longer than she had. They had always been in contact with the humans (specifically psychics) who felt despair, depression, and fear on the astral plan… 6. mana cost. Masters One of the top students, Scourge was praised for both his strength in the Force and his devotion to Sith philosophy, and he drew upon the dark-side power within the Citadel to sustain himself during training sessions. Locating the aide at the Nexus Room, Scourge sent a young slave to tell Sechel that Murtog wanted to meet with him, and he then hid himself in a nearby alleyway until Sechel left the cantina. Riots had broken out across the city, causing the Emperor to declare martial law and a curfew that was enforced by the Imperial Guard. The Scourge had left most of Quel'Thalas dangerous and uninhabitable, and the beleaguered elves, wracked by the pangs of addiction, made little progress with countering the Scourge remnants. The Jedi emerged victorious in the battle and contacted Scourge to report that the Emperor had been defeated. Keledan walked through, and vanished from sight, the messenger following him. Isnt it just a concentrated form of what the Scourge uses for everything? However, the Eternal Fleet of Zakuul suddenly emerged out of hyperspace to engage their fleet, and the Hero ordered his allies to flee the area, with Carsen reluctantly agreeing to do so. Revan (informal)[1][5] Scourge found Revan, Surik, and T3-M4 watching a hologram of Revan's family. [1], Sechel arranged a meeting with Xedrix by posing as the separatist leaders, and Scourge headed to the cave where the meeting was to take place. After two years of service in the outer reaches of the Empire, Scourge was recalled to Dromund Kaas to uncover the person responsible for the recent string of assassination attempts against Darth Nyriss of the Empire's ruling Dark Council. The World of Warcraft Shadowlands Scourge Invasion pre-patch event is now live! Legends speak of a Scourge that lurks at the furthest reaches of the Celestial Realm. [Source]. Rommath also soon returned to search for the living, clearing out groups of Scourge with his powerful magics. At Scourge's orders, Revan's guards retrieved their weapons and scouted the stairway, but the two were killed by a blast of Force lightning when Nyriss herself descended into the dungeons. (Cause for Distraction) You ask Lor'themar Theron what happened, and there is a short cinematic.A wounded Bolvar Fordragon, fresh from his fight with Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, speaks about always expecting her to come for the power of the Lich King. 1 Quotes 1.1 Summoned 1.2 Sees a Unit Summoned 1.3 Level Up 1.4 Sees a Spell or Skill Resolve 1.5 Attack Declared 1.6 Block Declared 1.7 Sees a Unit Die 1.8 Death 1.9 Turn timer appears 1.10 Removed from Combat or Play 1.11 Brought back to Combat or Play 1.12 Victory 1.13 Defeat 2 Notes 3 Trivia 4 Media 5 Change Log "I rarely forget, and never forgive."