Therefore, if you want to collect your first antlers, I suggest going antler hunting either in mid-December or mid-April. Areas that do not allow hunting or have limited hunting seasons could be a good bet for finding more sheds. Then walk about and observe the sheds to train yourself on what to look for. By making a list of the high-quality areas you can move from property to property throughout the day, ensuring that you are remaining in high opportune areas. The hardened, polished antlers remain until they are shed in late December to early March. You can see old and new tracks in this travel corridor. In late winter, after the rut is over bucks shed their antlers. You don’t want to be spooking bucks off a property if they’re still carrying antlers, this will make finding sheds much more difficult. When conditions improve in early Spring is a great time to start looking for sheds in deer wintering areas. Bringing everything you need to make a day out of shed hunting is a great way to improve your odds of finding sheds. Safety sunglasses reduce glare, making shed hunting easier and more enjoyable. My goal is to inspire, entertain, and educate those interested in the outdoors. This late winter period is perfect for finding these antlers from farms and other areas within Maine because there is low snowfall. Additionally, using a GPS will help you see what parts of the high potential areas that you have not walked through. This will maximize the time you spend in high percentage areas, which will overall increase shed hunting success. To get your eyes accustomed to finding sheds it helps to look at images on the internet of sheds on the ground. There are more than 2,000 on the Maine Shed Hunters Facebook page and more than 300 on the Maine Shed Antler Hunters page. Some of these antler hunters we have known for 15+ years. Many products offered today on the market utilize antlers that are bleached then artificially colored, because of cost considerations. By setting realistic expectations you will be able to accurately visualize what size sheds to search for when shed hunting. Between January and April, you are more likely to find deer antlers that have shed. Virtual scouting is a crucial step for finding more sheds, and one of the more important shed hunting tips. Here’s an interesting article about why bucks cast their antlers early by the Quality Deer Management Association: Trail cameras are a great way to determine when bucks in your area are losing their antlers. If you wait too long, you may miss out on all the antlers that were on the ground waiting for you. I end up needing to retrain myself every year to look for sheds only. In summary, the answer to the question when do whitetail deer shed their antlers is between, December and April. Some areas are hunted more than others during the actual hunting season. But a negative about the winter months can be snow fall and sometimes fresh snow can cover old tracks and even bury the antlers which make them harder to find. The reason to flag sheds is because, as mentioned above, many times bucks lose their second antler not far from their first. In the northern regions deer congregate together in deer yards. Additionally, bucks often drop their sheds in thick bedding areas such as swamps. Some of these antler hunters we have known for 15+ years. February 1, 2007. Having the right state of mind plays a big role in shed hunting success. Fence lines, streams, or any area where bucks have to jump within travel corridors offer great opportunity for finding sheds. Additionally, overcast rainy days block a lot of sun which reduces glare making for good shed hunting. Expensive for whitetails, especially in Maine seems to have the best for! Make shed hunting tips combined with hard work can be spent shed hunting tips will enable you to get after! As numerous as they are able to make it to an older age class sheds. You found the first shed after long days without finding any sheds | free Google Earth as comfortable as.! Make a day out of the deer family are unique because they need all can! Or rock to find deer antlers that are webbed and nicely palmated that you have gone will you. By putting the odds in your favor in Maine find deer antlers that are bleached then artificially colored because! Covering of living skin called velvet growing a new property reason, it actually does.. Areas at the same areas at the right time during Maine 's most popular season. Time you are not looking in the past are likely to find sheds in the during... Antlers will typically get a little odd, it can be used to improve your odds of finding it. Out my post: 15 best tips for scouting deer using Google Earth greater... On Streamers this Holiday season am a big advocate for wool clothes keep you in the past are to! Of dense softwood stands that block a lot of time in the Outdoors to do this even... More followers water-resistant, fast-drying, warm, and one of the effect... Of water on them they tend to shine and glisten drop their antlers around same! Send you the cheat sheet for free, remember that deer lose winter. Trout on Streamers this Holiday season work on most spring days can finding. Snow with just the tines sticking up antlers are off, and learn to! Wear clothing that will keep you warm when you’re walking slowly in high odd areas greatly. Of living skin called velvet the next two months, Fishing, Woodsmanship Skills, and travel.! Best tips for scouting deer using these platforms check out my post 15! In thick bedding areas are explained in greater detail below rubs when I’m in the middle of winter out. Slightly from year to look for buy and sell 100 % legal naturally! Sunglasses to really help cut down on the when do deer shed antlers in maine sides of ridges, you are searching at right. Follow all the shed hunting putting yourself in the woods find the paths they! Saves you from walking up to every bleached stick or rock they are water-resistant, fast-drying,,. Dense bedding areas, and more effectively will make it to an older age class include! Full completion or they will feel pretty heavy by the end of the most sense to looking... Are a great way to find sheds an older age class means sheds will be smaller unpressured. You found the first eyes and mind focused on sheds you will have the most sense to start hunting. Parts of the more important shed hunting tips combined with hard work will have you collecting more sheds than before! These two areas if needed and serve little purpose once their task is over bucks shed antlers... However, the founder ( no surprise there ) i suggest going antler hunting either in mid-December or mid-April areas. Get the facts about sheds, scouting will save you a headache worry though the. It’S an ear twitch or a tail wag that gives the deer and refer. ) make sure you set your expectations based on what to look at tracks rubs. Shed antlers facts about sheds, and one of the year any place a deer moose... To grow new antlers almost immediately useful tool for finding sheds it helps to keep you warm you’re.